SAE Extra: Airbit Academy Online Beat Selling Panel

07 Sep 2018
18:00 to 21:00
07 Sep

SAE London is proud to be hosting the Airbit Academy Online Beat Selling Panel. 

Airbit is the world’s largest urban music production marketplace, established and owned by SAE London alumni Wasim Khamlichi. The innovative platform allows producers to sell their beats to artists, and has been described by Forbes as “The of musical mixes”. Airbit has paved the way for a new era of digital entrepreneurs, with over 180,000 producers on the site who have made over $26 million through selling beats.

Music Producers have earned over $26 million through selling beats online on Airbit. Want to be one of them?

This September 2018 Airbit are holding an Online Beat Selling Panel in London, UK; in partnership with SAE Institute UK and Instros Only. You will hear from music producers who earn six figures a year from selling beats online on Airbit. This is a unique opportunity to gain insider knowledge about the online beat selling industry: how to get into it, and what it really takes to make a living from music.

The panelists include music producers Tommaso Pinto - Dopeboyz (Germany), Tone Jonez (USA), Alessandro Pinto - Dopeboyz (Germany), Airbit Founder & CEO Wasim Khamlichi (UK), and our host: Instros Only Co-Founder Pino Producer (UK).

The topics covered in the panel are:

  • Panelists introduce themselves and their companies.
  • What is Online Beat Selling - History of Industry - Amount of money Airbit producers have made collectively
  • What is Airbit? Brief history of company. Wasim’s story.
  • How do you get started with Online Beat Selling (i.e. what are the most important things to have in place, what does it take to start selling your first beats)?
  • How do you market your beats and find new customers, how do you maintain those relationships, how do you generate a regular income, what does it take to make six figures a year from online beat selling?
  • How does it compare to pursuing placements with artists?
  • Can you do both?  What are the benefits of doing both?
  • What is the future of online beat selling?

Doors Open at 6pm. There will be a chance to network with panelists and music producers after the panel.