SAE Alumni inspire the next generation during Freshers Week

13 Sep 2018

Last week, SAE welcomed hundreds of new starters to our campuses across the UK as they embark on their 2-year creative media education journeys.

The week saw a whole series of fun social activities and also inspiring guest lectures and panels delivered by graduates who are now making a name for themselves in the creative industries.

Luis Burgos, graduated back in 2005 with an Audio Production degree and is now one of the leading Production Managers and Live Engineers in Colombia with his company Árbol Naranja, managing the largest outdoor festival in the country. Luis has booked award winning artists that include Arcade Fire, Kings of Leon and The XX. 

Our first year London students listened to Luis explain his career journey since graduation, giving advice and guidance on how to forge a successful pathway to employment.

First year student Tasha Cole, aka DJ Miss Kiff commented on the experience:

‘I found Luis’s talk on Friday very inspiring. I learnt that being patient and diligent in your chosen field will give you reaps of benefits. Once you start your SAE journey you are immediately part of a family and networks and opportunities are consistent. Be confident to reach out to SAE graduates for work experience. My dream is to be a SAE Alumni and to be a inspiration in the industry.’  

Next up was SAE Audio Production graduate Wasim Khamlichi who is now CEO of online beat selling platform Airbit and SAE London students were treated to an industry panel event featuring producers who have made six figures selling beats on the platform.

Prior to the event, a select group of students were invited to a feedback session where they played work-in-progress tracks to the panel to get valuable feedback to take them to the next level.

Loubna Khamlichi, Head of Media, Education and Relationship Management at commented:

‘'We really valued the opportunity to collaborate with SAE UK on our recent Airbit Academy Music Producer Retreat and our Online Beat Selling Panel.  One lucky SAE student was sponsored to attend our retreat, where he collaborated with producers from around the world and learnt how to make six figures a year from selling beats online with Airbit.  I know that the chosen student really appreciated this unique opportunity and gained a lot from the experience. The panel was the icing on the cake to a hugely successful week at the retreat, and we appreciate all the hard work SAE staff put into hosting the event.  The number of questions and the fact that attendees didn't want to leave, is testimony to how well it went and how much people are interested in developing a career in this industry. We look forward to continuing this partnership with SAE and supporting more producers to make a living selling beats online.'

Finally SAE Liverpool first year Digital Film Production students heard from recent graduates Andy Flush and Sam Birch who are already making waves in the film industry with their video production company Branchwork Media. Since graduation, the talented duo have launched a short film festival and worked with high profile clients for commercial work.

Andy Flush, Director, Branchwork Media commented:

“It was great to come back in and chat to the new students. So many of our business opportunities we started by our work experience at SAE, so we’ve really been encouraging the students to dive in and get involved with everything uni has to offer, as we are proving how beneficial it can be”

We wish all of our students the best of luck with their studies and stay tuned for more alumni guest talks over the coming months.

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