Roundhouse Manager performs stellar masterclass

28 Sep 2016

There’s no doubting the Roundhouse’s credentials as one of the best live performance venues in the world.

One woman who has played a key role in the rise and rise of the Roundhouse is current Venue Manager Helen Henson, who recently dropped by our London campus for an exclusive masterclass with Music Business students.

Back in the 1960s, the London-based venue was famous for hosting wild parties and launching the early careers of music legends, including The Doors, Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix (just to name a few!)

Decades later and the concert hall is still pulling global artists with Elton John, Calvin Harris and Britney Spears all taking centre stage this month.

Second-year Jamie Stephenson said it was inspiring talk:

"Helen was so enthusiastic to tell us about what her role entails at the Camden Roundhouse and that made it all the more interesting.”

“Getting an insight into how a live event is managed and the logistics that are organised, at such an amazing venue, was eye-opening and I want to know more about it already!"

Impressed by their passion, Helen has since invited students to a private tour of the famous venue.

Speaking to SAE, she said industry knowledge is key:

“Picking up a textbook or listening to a lecture is one thing, but to actually have a real, live, first hand account of something you want to do, right in front of you, is the most powerful tool you can have. People learn and grow through and by experience.”

She also praised SAE’s masterclass programme, which has seen Grammy award-winning producers and industry insiders enter our lecture theatres.

“I think, particularly in the music industry, having classes like this is vital, as there are so many avenues not explored or jobs that don't even occur to people when they first start a course like Music Business, so to bring in industry professionals not only shines a light on invaluable first hand experience, but has the potential to motivate, inspire and discover!"