Post Production Audio tips by Peter Hanson, Sound Designer at Pinewood Studios

    SAE Oxford is delighted to invite you to guest talk with Peter Hanson, Sound Designer at Pinewood Studios. Peter will talk about Post Production Audio roles and routes into them, SFX/Mix sessions and plugins, and foley recording techniques. 

    About Peter

    Peter Hanson started out in the music industry, in 2005, working as a sound engineer for multiple artists at various locations across the world before becoming a full time employee at Pinewood Studios in 2014. Throughout his time at Pinewood he worked across a wide range of disciplines including: SFX editor, foley editor, music editor, dialogue editor, ADR Mixer, foley Mixer, and re-recording mixer before becoming the companies first Sound Designer in 2016.

    During his time at Pinewood Peter has seen first hand the exciting advances in computer game audio, together with this and a unique view point of both Music and Post Production he works to encourage cross pollination between various industries and disciplines.

    Peter has remained at the forefront of the editorial team since its inception and continues to offer bespoke audio solutions for a long list of clients while training a new generation of sound editors within Pinewoods own development program.