Nick Ellmore
Audio Production Lecturer
SAE BSc in Audio Production
SAE Diploma in Audio

Please tell us about your background in Audio and what route you took to get where you are today

My route into audio was a conventional one. Started out playing bass in a band but soon found myself enjoying the technical aspect of it all. Joined SAE in 2007 and then moved into specialising in Foley and Sound Design work.

What excites you about passing on your knowledge and expertise to the next generation?

When you see their faces light up with realisation as they grasp and understand a concept.

Why should students choose SAE to further their careers in Audio?

SAE has a brilliant family vibe to it. No where else are you able to get along so well with the academic staff, we are all here to go the extra mile for each student.

Which musicians/producers inspire you and why?

Benn Jordan is a fantastic, genre spanning musician with his works on spanish classical guitar to esoteric IDM. He also designs and builds all of his own light and visual shows to accompany is live performances.

What is the biggest ‘pinch me’ moment of your career?

My biggest 'pinch me' moment when I was asked to do some ADR work for Bonnie MacBird, the original writer for Tron and who now works on Sherlock Holmes novels.

If you were stranded on a desert island with only one album to keep you sane, what would it be?

Driven to Despair - Sound Mixer
As The Crow Flies - Sound Mixer/Restoration
Lady Windermeres Fan - ADR Engineer
Sherlock Holmes: Art In The Blood - ADR Engineer

Projects you have worked on outside of SAE and any publications:

Metro Manila Aide - record and mix enginner on "The Devils Handbook."