How I Released my First EP

Why did you decide to do a degree in Audio Production?
I’ve been making and recording music since 2002, and had always dreamed of going to uni to do audio production. However, I left school with barely any qualifications and quit college so I thought uni was off the cards. A friend in a similar situation studied audio at SAE Liverpool in 2015, after successfully applying via the alternative entry route which takes into account portfolio examples and relevant work experience, so that was the first time I considered maybe I could, but shortly after I had my first of three kids in 5 years and felt like I was just locked into having to work dead end jobs forever to support my family. I ended up losing my job in late 2019, and was extremely burned out with working jobs I hated for minimum wage. Around this time, my music as winterquilt started to gain some small success in the underground electronic scene, so I decided to take a leap of faith and apply to enrol at SAE in January 2020, aged 33.

What made you choose SAE?
As mentioned previously, my friend going in 2015 was a big factor. He actually recorded me back then for one of his assignments so I’d been on campus and was very impressed with the facilities. I also have other friends in the Liverpool music scene who spoke highly of the place, so choosing SAE was a no brainer really.

What did you enjoy most about your degree and time at SAE?
I loved that for the first time in my life, making music and working with audio was my “job”. Also being surrounded by like minded people with the same passions as me. Most of the assignments were very practical and creative, and even the written assignments were to do with music or audio. I love that the practical assignments were very customisable, some people focused less on making music and more on engineering/production, or a blend of both, as was often the case with me.

What would you say to someone considering applying to SAE?
If you are a creative person and have a strong work ethic I fully recommend going for it! I absolutely loved my time there and learned so much. It was very hard work and the deadlines are intense with it being an accelerated 2 year degree but all the hard work is worth it for the sense of accomplishment that comes with completing the course, as well as all the skills you will learn.

What are you planning to do next?
I am currently working freelance taking mixing/mastering/composition commissions, which I hope to build up into a full time job over the next few years, as well as continuing to make music as winterquilt, with which I have a new EP out in April and a new album almost finished, releasing in Summer/Autumn of 2022. I plan to start performing live next year as well, hopefully leading to some live touring in 2023. As well as these things, I am looking into doing my masters degree in January of 2022, although I may wait till May, I’m undecided as of now.

What does your dream career look like?
My ultimate goal is to make a career from releasing/performing my own music as winterquilt. But due to the wide array of skills I learnt during my time at SAE, there’s multiple options I would love to pursue, such as working in a studio as a producer or engineer, opening my own studio, working as a composer for games/TV, or just continuing to build up my freelance post production business.

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