Southport College students visit SAE Liverpool

A group of students from Southport College recently had the opportunity to visit SAE’s Creative Media Education campus in the heart of Liverpool city centre.

Prior to the visit, the team at SAE Liverpool had strategically organised a series of taster sessions that would allow prospective students to dip their toes into various fields, providing a holistic overview of the dynamic programs offered.

Upon entering the campus, the atmosphere buzzed with creative energy, setting the stage for an exploration of media-related disciplines.

Our taster activities were carefully designed to be interactive, ensuring that participants would actively engage with the subject matter.

From live broadcasting simulations to editing workshops, students were given a taste of the real-world applications of their chosen fields, aiming to demystify the academic content and also spark enthusiasm among them.

The students had a great time at SAE Liverpool. The team at Southport College shared some brilliant post-event comments with us:

“The faculty and staff played a pivotal role in making the experience enjoyable and informative. Their passion for their respective fields shone through, creating an inspiring learning environment. They were readily available to answer questions, share insights, and guide students through the activities. This personal touch added an extra layer of warmth to the overall experience and gave prospective students a glimpse into the supportive community they could be a part of.”

“The well-equipped studios, cutting-edge editing suites, and lecture theatre reflected the institution’s commitment to providing students with the resources necessary for a comprehensive learning experience. These facilities not only enhanced the hands-on activities but also showcased the university’s dedication to staying abreast of industry advancements.”

“The thoughtful organisation of taster activities, coupled with the enthusiastic faculty and impressive facilities, showcased the institution’s commitment to providing an immersive and engaging educational journey. It left a lasting impression on many students, and I have no doubt that it has sparked the curiosity and excitement for those looking to embark on a rewarding journey in the field of media education.”


Our Liverpool campus offers two-year accelerated degree courses in growth creative media industries – Audio Production, Content Creation & Online Marketing, Game Art Animation, and Games Programming.

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