SAE Film students enjoy invaluable on-set film roles

SAE Film Production students Justice Saint-Laurrell and Theresa Altmeyer have gained invaluable on-set experience working on two forthcoming film projects, Stripped Down and Hide. 

The opportunities for the students came via tutor Joshua Oliver and his independent production company, Red Jay World, a business that also incorporates an independent video art practice.

The students had the opportunities to cover a variety of different roles including working on set design and dressing as Art Standby, Production Assistant and Floor Runner. 

Stripped Down is a farce satire about privatisation in the NHS and was shot at Hartlepool University Hospital

It was also co-produced by Carley Armstrong, who hosted an SAE masterclass in October.

Joshua said: “We are always pushing to embed professional practice and experience in the learning and education we offer – the aim is to provide a bridge between our classrooms and industry.” 

“These shoots offered great experience for the students as they had to spend a weekend on the shoot and experience exactly what it’s like to work on a professional film set. I know that they’ve both come back exhausted and exhilirated by what they’ve been doing. They both stepped up and showed their worth which was so good for me to see. I’m looking forward to working with them again in the future.”

Justice worked in the Art Department and as assistant to the Prop Master to help with set design. He also spent time as a Production Assistant to enhance the shoot’s logistics.

Justice said: “The tutors go above and beyond and make the entire experience pleasurable and rewarding particularly. Their nuggets of wisdom are most appreciated.”

Theresa worked as a Production Assistant and a Floor Runner on the two films. Her tasks involved revising the script breakdown and making lists for the art department that summarised everything needed for the film, including requirements for set dressing, costumes, props and more.

Commenting, she said: “The course provides an excellent introduction to the industry and provides students with a clear understanding of what to expect when entering the industry. It is a very practical course. Instead of sitting in front of textbooks only learning about the theories of filmmaking, we receive hands-on experience.”

“Within my first year, I have already worked on several small short films and acquired experience in different roles. Learning about the theory is good and also necessary. Still, it is not comparable to actually making your own short film, actually being involved in all stages of filmmaking.”

“Once you leave the classroom and start making your films, you quickly realise that it never goes as planned, and you will make a lot of mistakes at the beginning. But that is a good thing because you will come back after a shoot and reflect on what has gone wrong, why, and how you can do it better next time.”

“I think this might be the most valuable thing about the course by far: that we get the chance to go out, make our short films and learn from our experiences before we are released into the real world. Overall, I believe this course provides the ideal balance between teaching us the theory and providing us with practical experience.” 

Visit to learn more about Joshua’s film projects.

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