Networking Events for UK Creatives

In an era where digital communication is predominant, the value of face-to-face networking remains irreplaceable, especially within the realm of the creative industries. Regardless of the creative course you’re in, networking plays a pivotal role in shaping your professional journey. 

From audio production to web development, networking is a catalyst for growth, innovation, and success. SAE involved in a range of events across our campus’ as well as involvement in larger events held by other organisations.  

We have put together a list of events based on which course you study, get involved and get networking! 

Audio Production 

Audio Production Desk


The audio realm—from music recording to soundtracks for media—thrives on collaborations and technical knowledge exchange. Diverse events offer platforms for fresh partnerships and exposure to avant-garde techniques. 

  • BBC Introducing Live: Held in London, this is an annual event that showcases the latest in music, sound, and audio technology, drawing many from the audio production field. 
  • Plasa Show: Taking place in London, it’s the leading event for live audio, lighting, AV, and stage technologies. 
  • AES Conventions: The Audio Engineering Society’s conferences are major events that happen internationally. In the UK, you might look for local or regional AES events. These conventions are packed with workshops, talks, and panels by experts. You’ll also find showcases of the latest technology in audio engineering, which is a fantastic conversation starter. 
  • The Great Escape Festival: This festival in Brighton, UK, showcases emerging artists across multiple genres. It’s also known for its industry talks and networking events, making it an excellent place for budding audio producers to meet professionals. 


Events like the AES Convention or BBC Introducing Live act as convergence points for diverse audio talents, fostering collaborations and exposing attendees to industry advancements.  

A great way to meet others in Audio Production can also be studying, find out more about our BA Audio Production Degree. 


Content Creation and Online Marketing  

Content Creation UK Courses


Stay abreast of the rapidly evolving digital panorama. Networking empowers creators and marketers to understand dynamic algorithms and discover groundbreaking platforms. 

  • BrightonSEO: A bi-annual search marketing conference that covers content marketing, SEO, and more, held in Brighton. 
  • ContentEd: Europe’s only content strategy conference, primarily for the education sector but offers insights valuable to all content creators. 
  • Content Marketing Association (CMA) Events: The CMA frequently holds seminars, workshops, and networking events that focus on various aspects of content marketing. 
  • Social Media Week: This is a major news platform and worldwide conference that curates and shares the latest insights and trends in social media and technology. It hosts events in various cities including London. 
  • Digital Marketing World Forum (DMWF): DMWF is a global series of digital and social marketing conferences presented across several countries, including the UK. These conferences are known for their high-quality talks and extensive networking opportunities. 


Conferences like BrightonSEO or ContentEd offer direct insights from industry pioneers and allow attendees to gauge the effectiveness of their current strategies. 

A great way to meet others in Content Creation and Digital Marketing can also be studying, find out more about our BA Content Creation and Digital Marketing Degree. 


Film Production

Film Production Set UK SAE

Filmmaking is inherently collaborative. Networking aids in finding the right crew, securing funding, or getting a distribution deal. 

  • London Film Festival (BFI): A major event in the UK film calendar, it’s an excellent opportunity for networking among film production professionals. 
  • Edinburgh International Film Festival: The world’s longest continuously running film festival offers both film showcases and industry networking. 
  • Sheffield Doc/Fest: This is an international documentary festival in Sheffield, celebrating the art and business of documentary filmmaking. It offers public screenings, discussions, and pitches. 
  • Raindance Film Festival: Raindance is dedicated to fostering and promoting independent film around the world and is known for its outstanding selection of movies, vibrant atmosphere, and rich networking opportunities. 


At festivals like the London Film Festival or Edinburgh International Film Festival, budding filmmakers can meet seasoned professionals, potential investors, and distributors. 

A great way to meet others in Film Production can also be studying, find out more about our BA Film Production Degree. 


Game Design 

Game Design Courses UK 

Game design requires a fusion of storytelling, technical understanding, and user experience insights. Networking provides a platform to share ideas, get feedback, and even form teams for new projects. 

  • EGX: The UK’s largest video games show held in London, where game designers from around the world gather. 
  • Develop:Brighton: Specifically for the game developer community, it offers insights into game design, development trends, and networking. 
  • Global Game Jam (GGJ) Locations in the UK: GGJ is an annual international event where game developers gather to plan, design, and create a game within a specified time frame (usually 48 hours). 
  • Ludum Dare Participation: Though Ludum Dare is primarily an online event, groups of developers in the UK sometimes gather in shared spaces for the duration of the competition. 
  • UK-Based Game Jams: Events like “Brains Eden” in Cambridge or “Three Thing Game” in Hull, among others, are hosted within the UK and attract a local crowd of game enthusiasts and professionals. 


EGX or Develop:Brighton introduce designers to upcoming gaming trends, potential collaborators, and even investment opportunities. 

A great way to meet others in Game Design can also be studying, find out more about our BA Game Design Degree. 


Game Art and Animation  

Game Art Degree UK


Game art and animation professionals can benefit from understanding emerging tools, sharing their portfolios, and collaborating on projects that need diverse visual styles. 

  • Manchester Animation Festival: UK’s largest animation festival, ideal for professionals and enthusiasts in game art and animation. 
  • Animex: As previously mentioned, but worth noting that it’s held at Teesside University in Middlesbrough. 
  • MCM Comic Con (London, Birmingham, etc.): MCM Comic Con is a series of culture conventions held in various locations around the UK. These events celebrate comics, movies, gaming, and more, offering panels, workshops, and networking opportunities. 
  • EGX (Previously known as Eurogamer Expo): EGX is a significant gaming event in the UK, showcasing the latest in video games and offering a variety of panels and workshops. 
  • Insomnia Gaming Festival: Insomnia is the UK’s largest gaming festival, featuring game previews, tournaments, and various exhibitor booths. 


Festivals like Manchester Animation Festival or Animex are platforms for showcasing one’s work, learning about industry software advancements, and connecting with potential employers or collaborators. 

A great way to meet others in Game Design can also be studying, find out more about our BA Game Art and Animation Degree. 


Games Programming 

Games Programming Degree UK 

The technical side of game development is ever-evolving. Programmers can benefit immensely from shared problem-solving and insights into innovative coding techniques. 

  • EGX Rezzed: A version of EGX but more focused on indie developers and games, with numerous sessions on game programming. 
  • Develop:Brighton: Also relevant here for its technical tracks on game programming. 
  • London Games Festival: A multi-day event that celebrates the art, culture, and business of gaming. 


EGX Rezzed and Develop:Brighton, among others, offer sessions that can enhance a programmer’s toolkit and expand their professional connections. 

A great way to meet others in Game Design can also be studying, find out more about our BA Games Programming Degree. 


Music Business 

Music Business Degree UK 

The music industry is as much about talent as it is about visibility and connections. From finding the right producer to securing a record deal or a live performance slot, networking is crucial. 

  • The Great Escape: Taking place in Brighton, it’s often regarded as the UK’s answer to SXSW. It offers conference tracks related to the music business. 
  • Wide Days: Scotland’s music convention held in Edinburgh, catering to those in the music business. 
  • Liverpool Sound City: This event combines a music festival with an industry conference, attracting various professionals involved in music, digital, and the creative sectors. Every year SAE visit SAE in Liverpool, check out what we get up to here 
  • BBC Introducing Live: Aimed at those looking to start their careers in the music industry, this event offers workshops, panels, and networking opportunities with professionals from all areas of the music business. 


Events like The Great Escape or Wide Days not only offer insights into industry trends but also facilitate meetings with influential figures in the music business. 

A great way to meet others in Game Design can also be studying, find out more about our BA Music Business Degree. 


Visual Effects and Animation 

Visual Effects and Animation Degree 

Networking can lead to collaborations on larger projects, insights into cutting-edge VFX tools, or job opportunities in prestigious studios. 

  • BFX Festival: Held in Bournemouth, it’s the UK’s largest VFX, computer games, and animation festival. 
  • MOVE Summit: Scotland’s animation gathering, held in Edinburgh. 
  • Encounters Film Festival (Bristol): The UK’s leading short film, animation, and virtual reality festival. The event features screenings, special events, and networking sessions. 
  • London International Animation Festival: A diverse animation festival showcasing the full spectrum of creative animation, running workshops, and hosting filmmaker Q&As. 
  • Manchester Animation Festival: This festival celebrates animation in all its forms, with film screenings, workshops, and panels. 


At gatherings like BFX Festival or MOVE Summit, attendees can showcase their portfolios, learn from industry leaders, and connect with potential employers. 

A great way to meet others in Game Design can also be studying, find out more about our BA Visual Effects and Animation Degree. 


Web Development 

Web Development Courses UK 

Web development is about staying updated with ever-changing languages, tools, and user experience trends. Networking aids in sharing best practices and collaborating on complex projects. 

  • Render: A two-day event in Oxford, focusing on frontend web design and development. 
  • FrontEnd North: Taking place in Sheffield, it’s a gathering for frontend developers to discuss the latest trends and technologies. 
  • (Tech Events): A platform where you can find local tech meetups across the UK in various niches of web development. 
  • Hackathons (e.g., Hack London, MLH Local Hack Day): Intensive events where developers collaborate on software projects—sometimes competing for prizes. 
  • Developer Conferences (e.g., FullStack London, NDC Conferences): Conferences focusing on new technologies, best practices, and the future of web development. 


Conferences like Render or FrontEnd North offer developers a chance to dive deep into the latest technologies, methodologies, and practices, fostering a culture of continuous learning. 

A great way to meet others in Game Design can also be studying, find out more about our BA Web Development Degree. 

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