How to Get a Job at DF Concerts

Our music business courses aim to meet the demands of today’s industry and provide a comprehensive education in labels, publishing, management, touring, distribution, and live event management. Contact our friendly team to find out more now and get to know our alumna Hannah on how she has launched a career in live music after her studies.

My name is Hannah Oman, I’m originally from the highlands of Scotland, specifically a tiny village just north of Inverness called Munlochy, and I studied Music Business degree at SAE in Glasgow.

A lot of my life revolves around music, so I spend a lot of time at gigs or if not I’m usually reading or watching something to do with music.

But I also love spending time with my friends, family and my two dogs, I think it is important to spend time away from your main passion too so you don’t burn out or get bored!

What’s it like working at DF concerts?

My job title at DF Concerts is Marketing & Communications Assistant. I think, like most working in the live music industry, you tend to have a very dynamic job that can mean you end up doing loads of different things throughout the day.

On the marketing side, I mostly take care of the artwork for most of DF’s shows, liasing between agents and our graphic designer to get these created, and looking after some of the online marketing including updating website listings and social media events and posts. The communications side of the job includes organising photo passes, artists interviews and helping with press releases.


Getting a job with DF concerts

The opportunity with DF was kind of just a right time, right place situation.

I had been on placement with the company from January to May of this year for the Industry Placement Module on my music business course and then continued over the summer as a Business Support Assistant during their busy summer season. This was a great experience and I was able to work with a great team who gave me the best introduction to the company. I was able to get a really good understanding of the company at all levels which definitely helped when coming into this new role.

When the Business Support position was coming to an end, the role within the Marketing Department became available. I had already done some work with the team assisting them with some projects over my placement so they encouraged me to apply. Then I went through the usual application and interview process and ended up with the job!

tips on getting a job in music promotions

I think the biggest piece of advice I could give anyone looking to get a job in a music promotions company is to just get stuck in wherever you can, no experience is bad experience, and hard work is always appreciated!

Don’t be frightened to reach out to people who you think you could learn from, a lot of people in the business are so lovely and really willing to help younger people get opportunities and experience.

However, you do also need to be conscious that these people are very busy and there is a fine line between being keen and pestering people too much, so always be respectful when reaching out to people!

As I mentioned before, music and live music especially, has always been my main passion and as much as it was what I always dreamed of doing, I didn’t know if it would be possible.

Growing up I think, like a lot of other people, I had no idea just how much went on behind the scenes of the music business and that it would actually be possible for me to pursue a career in it. I just knew it was what I loved!

It was actually my music teacher in secondary school who encouraged me to study the course, she overheard me once talking about all this music knowledge I had but had nothing to do with it. As I was very involved with the business department in school at the time, I think she put two and two together and in doing so found the perfect degree for me!

How did your Music business course help you get the job?

SAE seemed like the best option for this music industry course not only because of the location being in a city with one of the most thriving music scenes and so many legendary venues but also the fact the music degree was only two years. Although it is a big commitment I really felt like it has given me a head start in the industry, I’ve been able to complete my degree and begin working full-time in the industry in half the time a lot of my peers will take to do the same.

The thing I enjoyed most about SAE Glasgow was the people and the community that is there. With the class sizes being so small, it means that you get to know everyone really well and you form a great support network with the other students and the lecturers who are really hands-on with their teaching and provided us all with amazing opportunities. It’s also just nice to be surrounded by others working in the creative industries as you are able to relate to a lot of the same struggles.

To anyone considering applying to SAE I would say; do make sure you are prepared, it is a commitment and you will need to work hard but at the same time you will have so much fun and meet incredible people that will make it all worth it, and coming out with a full degree in two years is not bad compensation!

Study Music Business at SAE

To follow in Hannah’s footsteps check out our Glasgow campus where Hannah completed Music Business Course.

Our comprehensive two-year course will ensure you get a thorough understanding of how every aspect of today’s music industry works while building a switched-on network of peers and professional connections.

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