SAE Film Production students work on short film, In The Room

SAE In The Room

SAE Film Production students had the opportunity to work on In The Room, a forthcoming short film funded by Creative Scotland and featuring Games of Thrones actor Kate Dickie. 

Directed and co-written by SAE Film Production Lecturer Paul Barrie, the short narrative film follows a protagonist who goes to a call-back audition for a role, only to be confronted by the unexpected return of a character from her past. 

Nine students had the opportunity to support the film’s production, working on set as runners across three days of shooting. 

In The Room SAE

Commenting on the student experience, Paul said: “As runners, they get the chance to witness first-hand how directors and camera operators work and how a professional shoot is managed.” 

“Getting this experience is so important, as the hardest thing in film and television is securing your first job. To have an opportunity like this and get a credit on a professional film shoot before they’ve graduated is a huge bonus and should open up plenty of future opportunities.”

In the Room Film SAE

Student Brett Watt said: “My time on In The Room was very informative. Everyone on the project was super nice and helpful, and didn’t speak down or make you feel bad for not knowing something.”

“It was a very professional shoot, and dealt with heavy themes, yet everyone always seemed to be in a good mood. I was only there for the final day, yet I learned a lot, and it has only served to strengthen my desire to work on professional film shoots.”

In the Room Film

Student Di En Goh said: “It was an eye opening experience to work, experience and look at a professional set. It is what we students are studying and striving towards as a job, career, profession. I don’t think students get much opportunity to experience working on an actual professional set during their studies. I’m grateful to Paul for giving us an educating and welcoming experience into his production.” 

SAE In the Room

Paul’s films have received several awards and nominations, including winning Royal Television Society Scotland Student Awards for Best Drama and Best Screenplay in 2020.

Aside from his work on In The Room, he has recently completed the script for Siren, a psychological horror feature film, and is developing two other feature projects.

Watch the trailer for In The Room.

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