3 Black Content Creators to Follow


Janea is a ray-of-sunshine creator who will fill your Instagram feed with aesthetic images that will leave you feeling inspired with a twinge of jealousy mixed in. In addition to her incredible, curated Instagram, you can find Janea on YouTube to see her dreamy home and learn all her wellness tips that feel like little hugs. If you’re in need of some comfort, Janea is the one to turn to.

Jnaydaily on Instagram


Shanspeare can be found on YouTube speaking eloquently on topics that range from very serious (We’re Chained to Our Phones and It’s Scarier Than We Think) to fun pop culture (The Evolution of Vampires in Pop Culture). Not only does Shanspeare showcase flawless outfits, but she also sets off important discussions in an accessible manner so everyone can join. Highly recommend!

Shanspeare.jpg on Instagram


Kennie is a YouTube powerhouse with almost 90,000,000 views on her channel – kenniejd. A self-proclaimed makeup and bad film lover, Kennie has the ability to make the worst movies you’ve ever seen enjoyable. If you enjoy deep diving into and laughing at terrible films, Kennie is the one for you.

Kenniejd on Instagram

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