Franky Redente
Electronic Music Production Head Lecturer
BA/BSc Audio Production
City and Guilds Management & Teaching
Ableton – Qualification
Electronic Music Production (EMP)
Audio Engineering

Please tell us about your background in Audio and what route you took to get where you are today

My work grew out of southern Italy's legendary ‘Angels of Love' parties during the 90s and the influence of this underground scene has remained with me. I've got to where I am today by following my passion, with projects that have developed over time.

I began working in Audio as a DJ playing and supporting headlining Djs such as Claudio Coccoluto, Joe T. Vanelli and others. These early practical experiences made me want to learn more about the industry, and led to my enrolment on an audio engineering course in Bologna. The course was taught by Fonoprint’s former engineer Alessandro Scala, who's work spans the likes of Vasco Rossi, Luca Carboni and Lucio Dalla. Scala became my mentor, allowing me to assist many of his studio sessions which included UK dance artist Adamsky and other great Italian artists. Both practical and academic experiences prepared me to work as a live audio engineer for Italian artists such as Cladio Baglioni and Fiorello, in Italy and abroad.

In 2001 I moved to the UK to study at SAE London. Both EMP and the Audio Production BA remain my most important decisions in terms of career development. Since then I've continued to complete qualifications and training around my production work as I always want to improve my skills and seek out new challenges to push me further.

My practical and academic achievements have helped me to work my way though a series of music productions, teaching sessions, audio development for Virtual Reality, studio freelancing and radio shows for key players: Apple, SAE Institute (London and Oxford), Ministry Of Sound, Glasgow Underground, BeatPort, Virgin, DeadFish Audio, This is Music, BBC Radio1, Merge Festival, PC Music, Robert Thomas, Massive Attack to name a few. 

What excites you about passing on your knowledge and expertise to the next generation?

I love to inspire students and help them to find and nurture their own musical passion. I’ve dedicated my life to turning my passion into a multi-field audio career and I’m excited to help others in doing the same.

Why should students choose SAE to further their careers in Audio?

World class facilities, highly qualified staff, worldwide industry recognition. …And lecturers, staff members and graduates have proven track records in both practical and academic fields. 

Which musicians/producers inspire you and why?

Don Buchla (Synthesiser pioneer / Musician) – His work on the performance and composition of electronic music. Buchla’s revolutionary modular synthesiser (BUCHLA, c.1960s) introduced a new kind of instrument, capable of creating sounds and music never heard before. His vision will continue to inspire and expand for many years to come. 

Robert Henke ( Ableton Live Co-founder / Producer ) – Henke's revolutionary ideas about the production and performance of live electronic music created a technical and cultural shift across multiple fields of the audio industry. Ableton has changed everything we know about electronic music.

Rick Rubin (Producer / Co-founder of Def Jam records ) – For musical wisdom and artist integrity.

Richard Devine (Producer, Musician, Sound Designer) – His sound design and music technology knowledge. Apart from his own outstanding musical project, Devine designs and creates the sound libraries found in many new music instruments on the market. 

What is the biggest ‘pinch me’ moment of your career?

2015 – During a research project last year I assisted Robert Thomas while he was developing Fantom, Massive Attack’s interactive musical app. It felt quite special to hear Massive Attack’s new material months before the official release, and to be involved in Robert’s creative approach to electronic music. The experience has changed everything I thought about making music. 

If you were stranded on a desert island with only one album to keep you sane, what would it be?

Claude Debussy – Suite Bergamasque.

Please list projects you have worked on outside of SAE and any publications

Assisting Robert Thomas:

Massive Attack – Fantom

Merge Festival – On your Wave Length

Solo and Collaborative productions as Franky Redente, F.ich, Photo 51, Aldilá and White Jams:

F.ich - Belgrade EP - Abstract Theory (2016)

White Jams - Supernature EP - Abstract Theory (2015)

Franky Redente - W.I. D. - Delayed Audio (2014)

Franky Redente - Feel the Fire - Intacto Records (2013)

Franky Redente - Feel So Ep - Kote Records (2012)

>Franky Redente - What U Want - Glasgow Underground (2012, reviewed on DJ Mag)

Hardage feat Jocelyn Brown - Beautiful Day - Franky Redente rmx - Bacci Bros (2011, played by Kissy Sell Out on BBC Radio 1)

Hardage feat Peter Gabriel - Big Time - Aldilá & Zerepo rmx - Bacci Bros (2011)

Romanthony - The Wanderer - Photo 51 Diffraction Mix - Glasgow Underground (2011) (played by Pete Tong on BBC Radio1)

Camp Actor - Your Obsession - Remixes (2008)

Franky Boy and Hrtz Wise productions

Production, Recording and Mixing:

Rachel Barton (BBC Radio 1 producer of Pete Tong, Annie Mac and Annie Nightingale shows)


Heavy Hearts - I Love Music (Rachel Barton remix) - Deep Thrills (2011, played by Jaymo and Andy George on BBC radio 1)

Nat Self (Zombie Disco Squad) - Mr Monkey - Rachel Barton Mix - Jack Mode (2011)

Rachel Barton - Callow (2011 - played by Annie Nightingale on BBC radio 1)

Rachel Barton - Swan Dive - This is Music (2010)

Worthy - Work It Work (Rachel Barton remix) - Televizion (2011) 

All works listed above have been released by the following labels:












Other works and studio sessions: 

Ben Westbeach

Miss Yellow



Andrea Giudice

Chelou (recordings - unreleased)

Lil Data / PC Music – Columbia Records (Mixing)

Content Creator – Ableton Live experts

Record Label Assistant Manager / Event Organiser / Content Curator / Online Marketing
DeadFish Audio

DeadFish free events included guest Dj’s such as: Groove Armada, Crookers, Mix Hell,
Brodinsky, Riva Starr and many more.

Live engineering (Italy, 2001–2004)

Claudio Baglioni live (Sharm El Sheikh – Valtur Village)

Fiorelllo live (Costa Smeralda – Sardinia - Valtur Village)