Fees and Funding

As well as your talent and dedication, a career in creative media requires financial investment in your education.




SAE Institute is a private higher education provider.

All of our courses undergo designation anually*. Designation allows students to access funding for their courses in the usual way. 

There are various forms of funding available for students wishing to study at SAE Institute;

  • Student Tuition Fee Loan
    • This is the goverment funded student tuition fee loan. Funding towards tuition fees is available to UK/EU students, but does not cover the whole course fee
  • Alternative Financing
    • Through alternative private student financing providers

Please note that other sources of funding may be available.


For the London, Oxford and Liverpool campuses, fees are £9,000 per year for UK/EU Students and £13,000 per year for international students. 
Fees at our Glasgow campus are £7,000 per year UK/EU and £11,000 per year for international students.

From September 2019, fees at our Glasgow campus will be £7,500 per year UK/EU and £11,500 for international students per year.  

*If you are an international student and require a Tier 4 visa, you will need to pay the first year fees in full before a CAS is issued

Please read our Fee Policy for further information.


As our degrees are only 2 years, you save a considerable amount on both tuition fees and living expenses when compared to a traditional 3 year degree. So, you can study and graduate with a much lower level of student debt!

The tuition fee loan does not cover the whole course fee, it is capped. So, there is an amount that you may need to pay through your own means. We understand this is not always easy, especially when you don't have an income, which is why we have developed payment plans to spread the difference you need to pay. If you are not eligible for funding, we have payment plans for you too.

Tuition fees and payment plans for UK and EU/EAA students.**

*BIS (the Government Department of Business Industry & Skills) requires Alternative Providers to undergo annual designation monitoring as a condition of continued designation. This allows students to access support from the Student Loans Company. If this designation monitoring is not successful, students would not be entitled to funding. SAE Institute has been successful in achieving and maintaining designation for all its courses to date. Any updates on our designation status will be posted on our website. If you have any questions around designation, or would like to speak to us, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  

** International students are not eligible for payment plans. First year tuition fees are payable in advance once you have accepted your offer.


Some of our degrees involve additional costs, which are not covered by our tuition fees.

To ensure you budget accurately during your academic studies, please read the below list of extra costs, which you may incur. 
NB. This is not an exhaustive list. Please refer to your programme guide for information on core textbooks and course material.  

  • Equipment, textbooks and viewing material
  • Stationery and supplies
  • Printing and photocopying
  • Protective footwear and clothing
  • Professional body membership fees
  • Optional travel, accommodation and insurance expenses for field trips and industry placements
  • Optional graduation ceremony costs such as robe hire and guest tickets

Many courses at SAE offer industry placements and field trips, including some overseas travel. While participation in these activities are highly recommended, they are not mandatory.

If you choose to participate, you will be liable to cover accommodation and travel expenses and may need to consider issues like healthcare and public liability costs.




Students studying on higher education courses may be eligible for various forms of funding including student loans and grants.

SAE Institute is a private institution, this means that student tuition fee loans may not cover the full tuition fee.

There may be some differences depending on the region you come from and the information below provides a guide towards what you could be entitled to as well as where to go to find more detailed information.


Students following Higher Education programmes (BA/BSc) can apply for a student loan of up to £6,165 per year covering part of the course fees. The Student Loans Company (SLC) Tuition Fee Loan is paid on a student’s behalf to SAE Institute. 

You may also qualify for a maintenance loan to help you with your day to day living costs. 

For more information, advice, eligibility and online application, please visit www.gov.uk/apply-online-for-student-finance


Partial funding from SAAS (Student Awards Agency for Scotland) is available as a tuition fee grant of £1,205 per year to qualifying Scottish and EU students studying in Scotland.* 

Scottish students studying in England will get the same tuition fee loan as UK students of up to £6,165 per year.

Students may also qualify for a maintenance loan and additional grants dependent on personal circumstances to help you with your day to day living costs. The maximum loan available is £5,750 per year, which is based on household income. Students may also be eligible for a bursary of up to £1,875, again dependent on household income. 

For more information, advice, eligibility and online application, please visit: www.saas.gov.uk/index.htm

*EU/EEA/Swiss residents living in the EU, EEA or Switzerland for a minimum of 3 years before starting their degree course are eligible to apply for SAAS tuition fee grant.


Tuition Fee support is available for students who are Northern Ireland residents and studying at a wholly private Higher Education Institution in the UK of up to £4,030.

Students may also qualify for a maintenance loan and additional grants dependent on personal circumstances to help with your day to day living costs.

See Student Finance NI for more information: www.studentfinanceni.co.uk


Welsh residents can apply for a tuition fee loan of up to £6,165 per year, covering part of the SAE course fees when studying at SAE in the UK.

For the latest information, please visit studentfinancewales.co.uk


All Isle of Man residents are required to make an annual contribution of £2,500 towards their tuition fees when studying at a private institution off the island. However, there is a means-tested loans facility available to cover the cost of this contribution.

In addition, a maintenance of grant of up to £5,500* is available to help with living costs.

For further information and to find out how to apply, please visit www.gov.im and follow the link to 'Student Grants'.

*Basic amount payable for a 30 week course in the UK


Depending on your circumstances you can apply to Student Finance England or SAAS for help with tuition fees and for additional help such as your living costs. 

For more information, advice and eligibility, please visit gov.uk/student-finance/whoqualifies or saas.gov.uk/full_time/ug/eu

To keep up to date on current developments related to the UK leaving the European Union, please visit GOV.UK