Expert panel event at SAE Glasgow set to uncover the Film and TV music industry

01 May 2018

Film and TV Music: Monetising through Creation and Sync is the topic of an upcoming SAE Extra event at SAE Glasgow, which will be an insightful panel discussion with industry experts.

Discussing synchronisation, writing to brief and understanding your rights, this panel will be of interest to both creatives and those that are looking to work within the music business, allowing attendees to garner more information on how to make an income from music within Film and TV and what publishers and sync agents look for when signing an act.  

The panelists include: Scott Shields - Film and TV music composer, Murray Buchanan - Media and Entertainment Lawyer and Susan Montgomery from 23rd Precinct Music. Together they cover the various processes involved in monetising music for Film and TV and will be able to impart their industry knowledge to interested guests.

Scott Shields has worked on a number of TV programmes and films as a composer and writer, including the no.1 US Box Office hit ‘Kick Ass’, Sky/HBO’s ‘Strikeback: Retribution’ as well as co-writing the Oscar shortlisted song ‘Only You’, performed by Sinead O’Connor.

Murray Buchanan and Susan Montgomery are involved in the business side of the industry i.e. making money from the collaboration between artists/composers and the TV programme or film. They will shed light on working with artists and arranging the deals related to licensing and sync.

Dan Ashman, Academic Coordinator at SAE Glasgow commented:

“In terms of who it would benefit and how, we see this as being a great networking event, as well as an opportunity for Music Business students to better understand the inner workings of this side of the industry. It would also be a great opportunity for the audio students, for whom many are interested in working within Film and TV, to learn about the important work in creating/developing the soundtrack. Finally, for our Film and Animation students, it is a valuable experience to learn more about the rights behind using pre-existing music, or the process of collaborating with a composer.”

Taking place on Monday 21 May, this event will continue the special series of SAE Extra events happening at the Glasgow campus this summer, so watch this space for more information about them soon.

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