Everything you need to know about SAE’s MA/Msc in Professional Practice

25 Apr 2018

For those looking to take their creative media education further, SAE’s MA/MSc in Professional Practice (Creative Media Industries) is the perfect way of making that crucial next step. Whether you’re a professional in the creative media industry and looking to upskill, or you have just finished your degree and want to enhance your education, find out more about this flexible course.

Why study the SAE Masters?

SAE’s MA/MSc in Professional Practice is an online postgraduate programme designed to give creative practitioners a chance to design and fulfil their own original research project, in their field of interest.

As it can be completed entirely online, individuals have the flexibility to work when it suits them, while still receiving high quality education enriched by expert supervision and industry-focused resources. 

Being a flexible, self-directed course, you either study full-time over 16 months or part- time over 32 months. Either way, having the degree is definitive proof to employers that you have honed your skills to become a true expert in your chosen field.

Dr Andrea Santini PhD, Learning Advisor Team Leader comments: “The MPP is one of the most flexible distance education Master programmes I've come across. You get to propose the research project you want, you can customise the whole study plan, the weekly schedule of one-on-one tutorials and even the award title to suit your professional needs and goals!” 

Experienced professionals as well as recent graduates choose to undertake the MA/Msc in Professional Practice to formalise their learning into an esteemed qualification and consolidate their creative identity.

According to Top Universities, “graduating from a master's program can also add immense academic, intellectual and work-related skills to those already building a career.” By completing the course, creative professionals give themselves a real competitive edge against others in their industry. Their expert knowledge, academic discipline and creative capacity is evidenced in a formal qualification that can be used to advance their career.  

Employers can also benefit by enrolling their employees on to the masters programme to increase the skill set of their workforce. It being a flexible mode of study means that individuals can carry on working while also developing their craft in greater depth in their own time.

In addition, by undertaking the SAE’s MA/MSc you are becoming part of the Institute’s global community - a rich thriving network of creative professionals that are shaping the industry today. Gaining valuable contacts and advancing your academic capabilities can push your career into a new exciting direction.

What next?

No matter where you are in the world, you can take advantage of SAE’s strong industry links, global reach and expert staff because our MA/MSc programme is delivered online.

Take control of your learning - enrol in either May or September.

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