Audio Alumni


Hi Marie, great to meet you, could you introduce yourself and tell us what you do at SAE Glasgow? 

Yes, so I’m Marie and I just finished my last term in BA Audio Production course in SAE Glasgow. I was also a student rep and lead rep.

Can you tell us why you picked SAE Glasgow to study audio engineering? 

The reason I picked SAE was because I knew for a long time I wanted to do audio production. But in Finland (where I’m from) there isn’t that many options for that nor any good ones. So from just looking for schools abroad SAE had good reviews and seemed like a place where people knew what they were doing. The possibilities for networking with different creative industry people seemed like a good plus as well.

What do you love about Glasgow city the most? 

The music and culture overall is definitely the best part about Glasgow. There is good music everywhere and people just have a nice vibe to them. The whole ”people make Glasgow” really is true. Everyone gets to be who they want and no one thinks it’s weird.

Are there local artists that inspire your work? 

I love loads of different genres of music so I love many artists in Glasgow. Many local bands are great like The Naked Feedback, The Fear, Swim School etc. These bands inspire me when mixing but in my own music I have a very different style that gets more inspired from my surroundings in Glasgow.

What advice would you give someone who is looking to study audio engineering? 

Stay open to everything you learn. Things you learn in film sound design might help you in the future in music. And be nice to people, it will help you in the long run.

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