Joshua Paras

Freelance 3D Concept Designer | Audio Alumni
"The game plan is always the same: learn, make mistakes and improve."


Hi Joshua, great to meet you, could you introduce yourself and tell us what you studied at SAE London.

Hi, I’m Joshua Paras, I studied Game Art and Animation at SAE London.


Can you tell us why you picked SAE London to study Game Art Animation? 

I was looking for a course that would allow me to go all out creating the designs I made. SAE’s Game Art Animation course is the perfect fit for me as it offers just that. They heavily value hands-on learning and the projects are basically all practical. As someone who prefers learning and creating projects by practical means, the course’s exactly what I needed.

What do you love about London the most? 

London is a very lively place during both day and night. There’s always some form of amusement or secret to be found just around the corner. Though, I must admit that some surprises are better hidden but that is exactly what makes it so interesting. There’s many things I like about this place but if I were to be specific – I love London’s diversity. Basically you meet all kinds of people here. From people with special talents to places never heard of before, as an Artist I treasure this a lot. I enjoy my time learning what I can from people I meet and work with, and use that for my growth.


Are there any animators that inspire your work? 

There’s quite a bit and they’re a mixed bunch. I like both animators and 3d artists in their respective elements. For animation I love the style of Volta Bass and Axis Animation. For modelling, Edon Guraziu, Vitaly Bulgarov and Alex Senechal are my top 3 inspirations. They all have their differences but they have one thing in common for sure – They’re good. I can say a lot about what I like about them but it mainly comes down to liking their style, and how I implemented their style on my own.


What advice would you give someone who is looking to study game art animation?

This is a very exciting field to enter and it only goes up from here. Sure there’s many things to learn and if you have no experience it would look far from reach. So here are my tips and tricks: Focus on learning the basics properly. Don’t take shortcuts early, learn the rules before you break them. So many people jump the gun to try to create something advanced, and make so many mistakes in the process. It’s simple, focus on one thing at a time. Learn it, practice it, make mistakes and always remain humble enough to learn. Be open minded while being able to both seek and take criticism. Lastly, don’t tunnel vision yourself towards success and focus on making progress instead. If you try to make things perfect and things don’t go your way, the recoil will be a lot harder.

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