One of the world’s leading creative media institutions, SAE builds on a proud tradition of exceptional post-secondary education spanning 54 campuses in 27 countries.

Thanks to our distinct model of hands-on learning and strong focus on industry and global engagement, many of our students have gone on to enrich the world with their creative talents winning Oscars, Grammys, BAFTAs and becoming digital entrepreneurs.

With a commitment to preparing the next generation of creative workers our courses are industry-focused, practice-based and taught by a specialist community of leading practitioners.

Our state-of-the-art campuses are located in the thriving digital hubs of London, Liverpool and Glasgow, inspiring students to not only work in but also to shape creative industries worldwide.


The SAE Alumni Association is a global network of over 15,000 graduates and industry professionals who have studied at SAE.

Alumni are spread across the world and occupy various roles at production houses, design institutes, studios, venues and more.

All SAE graduates become members of the Alumni Association upon graduating and are entitled to a number of benefits, including:

  • A global network of creative media professionals
  • Regular communication and event information
  • Employment and professional development opportunities
  • A platform to connect with industry partners


The SAE Alumni Convention is premier creative industries event, bringing together industry innovators, thought leaders and SAE alumni from across the globe.

Traditionally held in Germany, the annual event features over 50 international guest speakers and an exclusive exhibition showcasing 90 of the world's top digital brands.

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