The creative media sector is evolving fast. In order to deal with this complexity, we hire expert technical staff who are closely linked to industry. Meet our friendly tutors who are always on hand to offer you advice.


Andrea Martina
Games and Web Programme Coordinator
James Clarke
Programme Coordinator, Film and Animation
Martin Merenyi
Audio Supervisor
Nicholas O’Brien
Audio Supervisor
Nick Ellmore
Audio Lecturer
Mike McNeilis
Audio Lecturer
Nikolay Georgiev
Audio Lecturer
James McCormick
Audio Production Programme Lead
Mike Hill
Audio Lecturer
Dean McCarthy
Music Business Programme Lead
Lee Erinmez
Music Business Lecturer
Subrata Chakraborty
Web Lecturer
Aidan Coughlan
Animation Lecturer
Lawrence Gallagher
Film Lecturer
Jake Astbury
Film Lecturer
Daria Fissoun
Film Lecturer
Chris Berry
Film Supervisor