RED Digital Cinema visit SAE Oxford

27 Sep 2017

SAE Oxford Digital Film Production students were treated to a visit from the team at RED Digital Cinema on Friday 22 September where they had the opportunity to try out the RED Weapon with helium 8k S35 sensor. 

Students followed in the footsteps of major Hollywood directors after learning that the camera was used to shoot Guardian of the Galaxy: Volume 2, Transformers: The Last Knight and Logan Lucky.

SAE Oxford Film and Animation Programme Co-ordinator Dimitrios Poteas commented:

"The purpose of the workshop was for our students to gain hands-on experience on professional equipment used on Hollywood films. The team at RED taught students how to make the most of the equipment by setting them tasks to shoot test footage on a variety of camera settings."

First year student Callum John commented:

"It was very exciting to use the latest technology used in the film industry and gain an insight into the cameras that are available to me for future projects. Getting to work with industry professionals and see all of their filmmaking techniques was very useful."

After graduating, Callum would like to enhance all of his filmmaking skills, particularly producing and cinematograpy to enable him to be in a strong position to forge a great career. 

* Photos taken by SAE Oxford Film student Chris Cosby