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About the Campus

SAE Oxford is the global headquarters for SAE Institute’s 54 campuses worldwide and is at the heart of our creative media education network.

Set outside the city centre in a newly refurbished listed building, it houses all of the specialist industry equipment needed to take you from enthusiastic amateur to honed professional.

In Oxford, you’ll be joining a highly creative community of talented students as well inspirational academic staff and supervisors, passionate about what they do. Our staff are here to offer one-to-one support and coaching to ensure you make the most of your two-year journey with us.

About the Area

Oxford is a UK top 10 for digital employment, offering incredible opportunities for web designers, software and game developers and digital content creators.

With central London only one hour away by train and the Thames Valley powerhouse on our doorstep, Oxford is a sought after digi-tech location. There are over 3,000 creative businesses already located in Oxford, from award-winning gaming companies and film production companies, to animation and audio specialists. Locally based company Solid State Logic is the world’s leading manufacturer of analogue and digital audio consoles.


Elective modules allow you to specialise in an area of interest to you. In addition to your planned programme of study, you are given the opportunity to choose one elective module in Trimester 3 and one elective module in Trimester 5 of your degree course.

Elective modules available Sept 2016 - Sept 2017*

  Course Option 1   Option 2   Option 3

Audio Production
Trimester 3

Creative Production   Electronic Music Production   Live Sound

Audio Production
Trimester 5

Advanced Specialised Project   Industry Engagement (30 credits)   Film Sound

Digital Film Production
Trimester 3

Creative Production   Short Film Production    

Digital Film Production
Trimester 5

Advanced Specialised Project   Industry Engagement (30 credits)   Writing for the Screen

Game Art Animation
Trimester 3

Creative Production   Electronic Music Production    

Game Art Animation
Trimester 5

Advanced Specialised Project   Industry Engagement (30 credits)   Advanced Character Creation

Music Business
Trimester 3

Creative Production   Electronic Music Production    

Music Business
Trimester 5

Advanced Specialised Project   Industry Engagement (30 credits)   Recording Management

Visual Effects Animation
Trimester 3

Creative Production   Advanced Compositing and Motion Graphics Applications    

Visual Effects Animation
Trimester 5

Advanced Specialised Project   Industry Engagement (30 credits)   Advanced Character Creation

Web Development
Trimester 3

Creative Production   Web Applications    

Web Development
Trimester 5

Advanced Specialised Project   Industry Engagement (30 credits)   Native Mobile Development

* Elective module availability is agreed in August of each year. Availability may be subject to change for the following reasons:

  • In response to feedback and review processes – to ensure we continually improve our programmes.
  • Demand – to ensure the number of students is sufficient to deliver an excellent learning and teaching experience.
  • Currency and relevance – to ensure the elective modules on offer are up-to-date and reflect the fast pace of change in the Creative Media sector.   

SAE will strive to ensure that any impact on students and applicants is limited if such changes occur.


Whether travelling by car, bus or bicycle getting to campus is pretty easy. Here is some information to help you get here.


SAE Institute Oxford has free parking located within the campus. It can be accessed easily via the A4142, A34 and A40.


Thames Travel bus T2 stops on the Sandford road, which is a 5-minute walk from SAE Institute.


Oxford has many cycle routes and lanes. We have bike storage on campus, which is free to use.


SAE Institute Oxford is located in Littlemore Oxford. Accommodation within the OX4  postcode specifically the Cowley and Iffley areas are popular for students, as is the Headington area all of which have good transport links to the campus.

You can use Google Maps to relate the distance between the campus and any accommodation you are considering.

Private accommodation

Private accommodation allows you to rent an apartment or house and either live independently or in a house share with friends or fellow students.

Typically an average 3 to 5 bedroom house set up as a houseshare for students can cost between £950 to £2000 per calendar month (pcm), costing each individual renting between £316 to £400 pcm.

A 1 bedroom flat normally costs upwards of £600 pcm.

There are a range of private estate agents and properties in Oxford. Here is a list of the various estate agents in Oxford*.


*SAE is not responsible for what is advertised on accommodation websites

Student accommodation

Accommodation in Oxford normally consists of private accommodation rented either for independent living or as a group in a shared household.

Finding the right accommodation can be a daunting prospect, especially if you are looking to join a house share or moving to the area for the first time. This is why SAE Oxford has set up a private Facebook group for applicants.

You will be invited to join this closed group if you meet the following criteria: 

Are a student progressing to the 2nd year or;
You have given a Firm Decision to your UCAS offer or;
You are a direct applicant and have returned your acceptance of offer form.

Membership of this group will allow you to meet fellow students and applicants who will be joining you on campus. You'll be able to exchange information and experiences and perhaps form a group to rent a house together.

Home stay

SAE Institute Oxford offers the choice to students to take up a home-stay for the period of their studies. This is done through a trusted home stay provider.

A home-stay or host family accommodation is ideally suited for international students, however domestic students may also book for a home-stay.

Home stay types

There are various types of home-stay options generally depending on the facilities and services the home-stay provide. A premium home-stay has en-suite facilities. Typical examples are: 

Standard - Breakfast only - Self Catering
Standard - Half Board
Standard - Self Catering
Premium - Breakfast only - Self Catering
Premium - Half Board.
Premium - Self Catering


The rates vary between £130 per week to £160 per week.

Information on how to book a home stay is provided to students who have completed the application process. If your application is being processed and you interested in using a home-stay please email us at oxford@sae.edu

Notes on renting accommodation


Normally a deposit of 1.5 to 2 months rent is charged in advance. We recommend that before handing any deposit over that you check it will be legally kept with a tenancy deposit protection scheme. Landlords can no longer request a deposit from tenants if they do not opt into this. All agencies will be signed up to this scheme but private landlords may not be.

For more information on the tenancy deposit scheme click here.


Read through your contracts thoroughly and always get a copy of everything you sign.

When you move in take great care to check the inventory and for minor blemishes (even taking photos) on taking over and when terminating the tenancy.

Remember that failure to question anything you do not agree with may cost you substantial sums of money.

On ending your tenancy we also recommend that before you leave the agent agrees in writing that the place has been left clean. Otherwise, you may find another deduction from your deposit for cleaning.

Gas, Electricity, Water and other bills

Remember that your rent is unlikely to include costs for gas, electricity and water.  You will need to budget for these separately. We also recommend recording and agreeing in writing with the agent the meter readings when you move in and move out. 

If you have a TV in the house, or you will be using online streaming services such as iPlayer etc… then you will need to have a TV Licence. If there’s a joint tenancy agreement for the whole house, you may only need one licence. However, you may need your own licence if your accommodation is self-contained – i.e. you have exclusive access to washing facilities or you have your own entrance to the property. If you have a separate tenancy agreement for your room, you’ll need to be covered by a separate licence. For more information please visit the TV Licensing website

Cost of living

We recommend you use the Student Calculator to help you with understanding the cost of living and setting out your budget.

Cost of living will vary from student to student, the table below provides a generic guideline as to what you should expect to spend over the course of 12 months living in Oxford.

(Based on the average cost of four students sharing private accommodation plus water, heating and electricity bills)


Transport in Oxford: 
(Based on the yearly cost of the smart Zone card which covers all three bus providers)




Social Activities


Total weekly expenditure


Total monthly expenditure (based on 4 weeks to a month)


Total annual expenditure (based on 12 months as we run 48 weeks out of the year)