14 Jan 2016

Two years jason shah left yammer with a mission to create a platform that would fix meetings from being the time consuming, unproductive dates on people’s calendars and change them into positive opportunities for collaboration.

With 1.5 millions users, it’s fair to say that Do.com has been mightily successful. Wannabe app graduates take note and heed his advice…

1. Ensure you are building a meaningful product
Validate your idea by talking to people, analysing trends, and most importantly, looking at the deficiencies in our world today – start listening to what people complain about. See if there is actually a need for what you want to build.

2. Don’t work on your business completely alone 
I made the mistake of working by myself for too long, and was fortunate to build relationships with some wonderful partners, as well as a great team, and having that support network and resources, along with a gifted and talented team, has made all the difference. Having a team, no matter how small, can take your company that much further.

3. Talk to your users 
They are the most important people after all – they’re the ones using and benefitting from your product. We are always talking to our users to understand how we can better tailor the product to them, rather than vice versa. Through methods such as feedback calls, research interviews, and surveys, you can better understand how people use your product currently and, more importantly, how it can be better suited to their needs.

4. Get your name out there 
At the end of the day, you can have an incredible product, but if no one knows about it, it’s not going to take off. Pitch your company to the press – reach out to journalists, reporters, and other relatable people in the media. Compile all the relevant people that have written about the space your product is in, and let them know that you’re working on something up that alley. You’d be surprised how far a cold email can go. But of course, have a unique angle or story in mind, since writers are always being bombarded by people pitching them ideas.

5. Make an active effort to pursue partnerships 
Partnerships are a great way to further your business, through integrations, co-marketing, and more. Collaboration is the future, and it should start with your business; there are likely tons of people out there in the market space you’re in – look at them as opportunities for both relationship building and taking your business to the next level.

6. Don’t forget about the culture 
No matter how big your team gets and how much you grow, never lose that distinct sense of culture you started with. It’s imperative to maintain a positive team dynamic by reinforcing that flavour that makes your team so unique. So often this is lost when companies grow and expand, but maintain that sense of camaraderie; it can go a long way.