Content Creation & Online Marketing

Content Creation & Online Marketing Advanced Diploma

24 months
Content Creation & Online Marketing Advanced Diploma
Course Durations
24 months
Start Date(s)
September 2024
Content Creation & Online Marketing Advanced Diploma
Start Dates
  • September 2024

Content Creation & Online Marketing Advanced Diploma
Domestic Fees

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Entry Requirements
Content Creation & Online Marketing Advanced Diploma
Domestic Entry Requirements
Domestic students must meet the following criteria:
Advanced Diploma entry
Minimum age of 18 years
For non-EU students, a valid VISA for the entire duration of the selected course is required before enrolment. The registration at SAE Institute cannot grant you a Student Visa in the Netherlands.
Applicants must have achieved an intermediate level of education
English language skills: minimum TOEFL score of 80, or, minimum IELTS score of 6,5 (or equivalent)
Content Creation & Online Marketing Advanced Diploma
International Entry Requirements
Non-EU Applicants
For non-EU students, a valid VISA for the entire duration of the selected course is required before enrolment. The registration at SAE Institute cannot grant you a Student Visa in the Netherlands.
For over 47 years, the SAE Diploma has been the direct ticket to the media industry. With a focused hands-on practical approach, the diploma provides you with the technical and craft skills for a successful career start.

On this page, you will get a detailed insight into the course content of the Content Creation & Online Marketing Advanced Diploma. You will find out everything you need to know to get started straight away.

Your career in Content Creation & Online Marketing begins now

The Content Creation & Online Marketing course includes:

Photography Video Production Journaling Content Creation Workflows in the Industry Financing, Marketing & Publications

In the Content Creation & Online Marketing Advanced Diploma, you will learn professional production processes, gain specialist knowledge and technical skills, and above all, gain practical experience.

Thanks to our hands-on approach to teaching, you will have access to professional high-quality equipment throughout your studies. This will enable you to create your portfolio right from the start, with which you can showcase your skills to the industry.

Course Structure

Level 4 Modules
Level 4 modules teach you specific fundamentals of the subject area. These modules are part of the SAE Diploma.
Digital media require stories. Before you can go out into the media world as a universal "one-person show" to produce content, you need important journalistic and technical basics.
The basics of creative writing and photographic reporting will teach you how text and image contributions can be sensibly structured and graphically and visually designed to give a story a decisive expression - in other words: "storytelling".
You will learn how to correctly define and address target groups, without which successful journalism is hardly possible.
We will show you the most important journalistic techniques with which you can creatively package content in words and images.
You will learn how to handle comments, criticism, and reviews as a professional editor to avoid appearing opinionated or even polemical in your articles.
We will also teach you how weblogs, content management systems (CMS), and search engine optimisation (SEO) work.
In addition to topic-based and versatile writing, it is important to produce articles and interviews in the form of audio projects set to music: podcasts.
You will learn to use the necessary technology like the field recorder or additional audio software. You will also gain sound background knowledge for dealing with interview partners in various spatial situations. We will provide you with extensive and practical knowledge on the use of professional audio equipment and also show you important copyright aspects to enable smooth reporting.
Moving images say more than a thousand words. Skilful production and editing of video articles and reports is a key part of cross-media reporting. As well as editorial aspects and content, video reports particularly visualise feelings and impressions and therefore convey them more effectively.
Along with skilled handling of filming equipment, journalistic expertise and an instinct for storytelling play a key role here. Taking all requirements of journalistic video production into account, you learn how to use video technology and video editing, and how and where you can publish the produced material.
Level 5 Modules
In Level 5, you apply the basics learned in Level 4 to industry-relevant work processes and more complex projects. Furthermore, you take a look at the aspects of interdisciplinary cooperation and market economy.
From now on, you apply the fundamentals from the first two semesters to more complex projects.
The focus is now on practical workflows. You gain insight into project planning, apps, web applications, and coding, from which you also choose your project work. By the end of the semester, you deliver your project, the diploma final production, which is a key element of your portfolio.
Along with teaching about more complex workflows, feedback and support feature prominently in this module. Consequently, as well as learning technical skills, you strengthen soft skills for your subsequent career. In the final examination, you demonstrate your newly acquired knowledge by solving an industry-relevant task within a set time frame.
This module is focused on teamwork and collaboration. As part of a larger project that can cover several semesters, disciplines, or even campuses, you apply your skills and work towards common goals. The emphasis is on gaining experience in teams, working together towards a project goal, and putting personal fulfilment last. Communication and collaborative working processes are key factors in improving soft skills as a team player.
The module allows you to engage with a specialist area of your discipline in greater depth. You can do this to add an essential extra element to the final-year project, or simply because you’ve always been interested in a certain subject. The module enables you to individually structure your specialised project that is geared towards your interests.


Audio students get the chance to collaborate with other disciplines, there are many opportunities and requirements to collaborate with students from other degrees throughout the course.

Yes, there is an SAE Student Store with discounts available to students who have fully enrolled.

Students can access campus facilities during opening hours. Please contact your campus for timings.

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