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SAE Open Events are a great opportunity to see our world-class facilities.

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Meet the Pros: Carlos van Erven

Meet the Pros
Meet the Pros: Carlos van Erven

In this Masterclass, Carlos van Erven, SONY NL’s A&R manager, will speak about his professional development and how to scout talent for a major label.

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Virtual Info Session: Certificate Courses

Virtual Info Session
Virtual Info Session: Short Certificate Courses

In this Virtual Info Session you will have a complete presentation of the short certificate courses about Electronic Music Production, Music Business and Video Production 

What's on

Alexios Tsipis: Becoming a Film Producer

Meet the Pros
SAE FUTURES | Alexios Tsipis: Starting a career as a Film Producer

Alexios will cover the most important aspects that everyone must consider to become a film producer

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Meet the Pros: DJ Licious

Meet the Pros
Meet then Pros: DJ Licious

Wim, also known as DJ Licious, discusses with us the most important aspects of a DJ from the creative and business point of view

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