Film Production

Are you a visual thinker, enjoy gripping stories, and are curious about the behind-the-scenes of films?

Do you want to learn the technical skills, from music videos to films, to be able to realise your ideas?

Then this course is the right one for you.

Film Production Department

In the field of film production, a good story is only half of the story.

In addition to mastering professional work processes, operating film equipment and software has the highest priority. Technologies that are constantly evolving require high level technical know-how-experts in their field and they are therefore now more in demand than ever.

As a graduate of our study, training and further education options in the film production department, you can expect, among other things, a career as a camera operator, editor, producer or director.

Production Producer, Recording Manager, Set Assistant, Set Runner, Grip, Location Manager, Camera operator, Gaffer, Production Assistant.
Director's Team Director, Assistant director, Script writer, Script supervisor, Director of photography,
Post Production Editor, editing assistant, colour grader, VFX artist,

Meet our students

Georgina Wolf, Daniela Cavallo, Lora Angelova
Meet our Students: Georgina Wolf, Daniela Cavallo, Lora Angelova
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Asya Hijazi
Meet our Students: Asya Hijazi
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