Audio Production

DJ Certificate

Our 1 month certificate course will introduce you to the art and entertainment form of DJing
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1 month
DJ Certificate
Course Durations
1 month
Start Date(s)
September 2024
DJ Certificate
Start Dates
  • September 2024

DJ Certificate
Domestic Fees
Learn in world class environments Book and practice with the equipment in our high end facilities. You can book facilities anytime during school opening hours.
Practical, immersive training From mastering the art of beat matching to refining your mixing techniques, our curriculum covers every aspect of DJing with precision and expertise.


EQ & Filters Basic beat matching Mix by pitch Mixing with cues Preparing a DJ set B2B session Audio formats (mp3, wav,flac, aiff) Promotion and marketing

Course Structure

Get hands-on from day one in this exciting, industry-focused course that specialises in all the basic skills a DJ should have.

The content of the course is continuously adapted and improved by industry professionals to reflect the latest in technology and trends in the electronic music industry.
During this course, you'll get the chance to get hands-on decks and learn the theory behind your favorite DJ sets.

All lessons are divided into theoretical and practical sections. You'll learn and practice topics such as:

- Hardware and software
- Basic beat matching
- Basic EQ
- First transitions
- Audio formats (mp3, wav,flac, aiff)
- Mix by pitch
- Mixing with cues
- Mixing in pitch
- Preparing a DJ set (opening, peak, closing)
- B2B session
- Promotion and marketing

and more!

Career Outcomes

What jobs will this course lead me into?

  • DJ
  • Remix Artist
  • Live Performance

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