Audio Production

Electronic Music Production Certificate

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8 months
Electronic Music Production Certificate
Course Durations
8 months
Start Date(s)
January 2024
Electronic Music Production Certificate
Start Dates
  • January 2024

  • May 2024

  • September 2024

Entry Requirements
Electronic Music Production Certificate
Domestic Entry Requirements
Entry Requirements
Minimum age of 16 years
The course is taught in English and English intermediate level skills are required
For non-EU students, a valid VISA for the entire duration of the selected course is required prior to enrolment. The registration at SAE Institute cannot grant you a Student Visa in the Netherlands.
Electronic Music Production Certificate
Domestic Fees

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Learn in world class studio environments Throughout this 8 month course, you are taught in a practical manner, primarily on Ableton and Logic Pro.
Practical, immersive training You won't just learn the tech side of things. Everything you learn will be within the context of production, meaning you'll learn the techniques, tips and tricks to make the music you love, regardless of whether you want to produce House, Techno, EDM or Pop songs.
Flexible course options In a mixed and blended environment, you will be taught via practical in person lectures, but also online, lessons.


Production Process Mixing & Mastering Sound Theory EQ & Filters Synthesizers Beatmaking Dynamics Multiband Sidechaining Advanced Signal Flow Reverb & Delays Sound Design / Sampling Music Theory Microphone Theory Vocal Recording LIVE Performance Music Business

Course Structure

Our EMP course has been the starting point for so many artists and producers around the world.
Get hands-on from day one in this exciting, industry-focused course that specializes in electronic music production.

The content of the course is continuously adapted and improved by industry professionals to reflect the latest in technology and trends in the electronic music industry.
Sound Theory
Working with DAWs
Production Process
Studio Workflow
EQ & Filters
Reverbs & Delays
Critical Listening
Music Theory
Studio Mixing
Microphone Theory
Vocal Recording & Editing
Hardware Setup (LIVE)
Studio Design
Track Analysis / Critical Listening
Composing & Arranging
Loops & Samples
Sound Design
Advanced Mixing
Hardware Synthesis
Music Theory
Multiband Sidechaining
Vocal Processing
Parallel Processing
Advanced Signal Flow & Mixing
Building a LIVE Perfromance
Advanced Mastering (practical)
Copyright Law, Record Labels and Publishing

Career Outcomes

What jobs will this course lead me into?

  • Music Producer
  • DJ
  • Remix Artist
  • LIVE Performance
  • Sound Designer

Student Spotlights

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Jelle Dittmar
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