Content Creation & Online Marketing

In today's digital age, tailoring your message to your audience is essential. Our Content Creation & Online Marketing program prepares you for cross-media production, including film, audio, photography, and web content as well as journalistic principles and editorial methods.

Content Creation & Online Marketing Department

Content creation – a term that is popping up more and more often, but what is behind it? Online marketing is a powerful tool, but how exactly does it work? In the Content Creation & Online Marketing department, you will be taught the skills you need to use these two fields. We’ll show you what’s important in storytelling, how to create videos, podcasts or graphics or how to use social media correctly.

Career prospects in the media industry after your training or studies
Our training offers you the necessary tools for digital communication and marketing strategies. Journalistic work, content creation, networking and writing are just a few aspects of our training. Digitalisation offers various professional fields, which can range from working in an agency to your own department in a company. Professional networking, multimedia skills and, of course, journalistic expertise are required.

Later you can use it to work as a freelancer or work in small and medium-sized companies or corporations. Typical departments here are: marketing departments, advertising, PR, event and communication agencies, in product management of companies and much more.

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Marketing Marketing manager, PR speaker, online marketing manager, marketing assistant, brand manager
Content Creation Cross media producer, social media manager, content manager, community manager, media manager
Journalism Video journalist, corporate blogger, online editor


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