New Course: Music Business Advanced

28 May 2019

New Course: Music Business Advanced

With a focus on entrepreneurship, this course has been developed to encompass innovative business models in the digital age and provide you with the knowledge and skills in key aspects of the music business. The course offers in-depth knowledge about both the core and the advanced aspects of the music industry ranging from music management, music publishing, music promotion and artist management to monetizing music data, deals & partnerships and 'big data'.

The course is taught by industry professionals and practitioners and the course covers real-life examples from the music industry in the form of music business cases. 

With close links to the industry, you'll also benefit from guest lectures, seminars, workshops and have the opportunity to take part in masterclasses with industry experts such as managers and record label executives.

Key Subjects

  • Monetizing Music Data
  • Capitalizing on Music Talent
  • Real Life Music Business Cases
  • Setting Up a Music Business in the Netherlands
  • Deals & Partnerships
  • Music Promotion
  • Music Publishing
  • Music Syncing
  • Innovative Business Models in the Music Industry
  • Record Labels & Bookers

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