We caught up with Dorante Johnson (DJ) and Deni Felton to learn more about their documentary ‘Love of Music’, and overall experiences on the Music Business course at SAE London.

What is ‘Love of Music’ about? 

‘Love of Music’ is a short documentary that features two artists talking about their experiences in life that lead to their love of music which will be uploaded to ‘Beyond Dis World’ YouTube channel as its viewing platform. It will include an introduction to each artist individually to get an initial overview of themselves and their previous works, which will lead into a creative discussion between the two and an artistic collaboration to end. It will be a feel-good documentary that will hopefully inspire people in a creative and innovative way.

What inspired you to create this documentary? 

We wanted to show that music bears no bounds between genres and creative styles and how the love of music brings people together. We were initially inspired by the styles of previous documentaries such as Michael Jordans ‘Last Dance’ and projects such as ‘Tiny Desk’. These gave us ideas to bring two artists from different backgrounds and genres together to explore their interpretations of their music and insights into their artistic endeavours.

What is the major takeaway going to be from the documentary — how do you want viewers to feel? 

We want the viewers to feel an upbeat and close emotion to the artists and to be inspired, whether that be musically or in general. As the viewer can expect everything from intimate looks into how artists feel about music and their artistic inspirations, to desert island soundtracks and food association, we aim to keep a lighthearted and motivational viewer experience throughout.

What are each of your roles with this project — what skills do you each bring to the table? 

As we are working on this project together, most/all of the work will be done as a team and neither of us will take firm roles ahead of the other. That said we have a small structure to our project, that being Deni will be dealing with written elements of the project and DJ the creative elements.

With me (DJ) being an artist myself and a creative character, I bring a lot of experience from previous music videos, studio work and interviews I’ve performed myself, to allow the ideas and creative experiences to be put into the planning and execution of the documentary.

I (Deni) have good communication and literary skills which can be seen in the contracts and project planning elements of the documentary. I’m also using my organisation skills to keep the team on track and ensure deadlines and targets that have been set, are met.

Are there any other SAE students involved? 

We will be teaming up with Shaneel Parmar, Muhammed Sayem, Muhammed Kabir, who are film students at SAE to help direct, film and edit the project.

Who are the artists featured in the documentary? 
The artists that are featured in Love Of Music are Namugga who is an alternative soul artist from London and Bruts who is a Trap Rap producer from London.

What music styles are you each interested in, and what artists have you been listening to a lot lately? 

DJ – Music styles I am interested in include trap soul, gangster rap, hip hop, dancehall , house and grime. Artists I have been listening to lately are Griselda,Tory Lanez, Intense,Lil baby,Alkaline, Masicka, Vybz Kartel, Ty Dolla Sign,Steammaz, Summer Walker, Jhene Aiko, Aidonia, Teyanna Taylor

Deni – I’m interested in various different genres but particularly House, R&B, Hip Hop, Indie and rock. Artists I’ve been listening to recently are Mac Miller, Peggy Gou, Bicep, N.E.R.D and Channel Tres.

How does this project build on the skills that you have learned on the Music Business course at SAE? 

DJ – This project has built on skills I have learned in the music business by evolving my communication skills. I have learned to delegate work, and improve my understanding of working with a competent team.

Deni – Project management skills have been key in this project and during the past trimesters, I have learned how to manage mine and my team’s time to get the best and most amount of work achieved. Timelines and SMART targets have really helped too.

Who is the documentary aimed at? 

Love of Music is aimed at creatives from all fields and especially music lovers. Our target audience is ages from 16-35, social media influenced consumers with a love of music and consumers that are possibly looking to get into the industry themselves.

What is the timescale for the project — when will you aim to have it finished by? 

At the moment we are halfway through filming which is going really well and we aim to have the project finished and uploaded to the YouTube channel ‘Beyond Dis World’ by 14 July 2021. We will be uploading snippet videos, trailers and other promotional materials both our artists and personal social accounts so keep an eye out!

What would each of you like to do after graduating — what are your long term ambitions within the music industry, and how do you each plan to realise them? 

DJ – I plan to evolve my music production company “Beyond Dis World ” while gaining experience in an independent record company or a major record company, I aspire to take on an AnR role.

Deni – At the moment, I’m still undecided on which path I’d like to take within the music industry, but I have really enjoyed the law and contractual side of it so far. I’d like to aim for a career with one of the major labels such as Sony, Warner or Universal music ideally in the US.

Where can people keep up to date with your work? (Website, social channels etc.) 

You can keep up to date with the documentary and catch trailers and teaser videos on our socials @Dollerofficial & @denifeltonand on DJ’s website –

The featured artists in the documentary will also be posting updates on Love Of Music and sharing their creative works on their socials: @namuggamusic & @brutsofficial.


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