Tania Lapuz is a Music Business student at SAE London. From the beginning of the course she has displayed a keen interest in marketing and branding, taking on the role of Head of Marketing during the Live Event module. Alongside her studies at SAE, Tania also manages the social media for Keisher Downie’s company, She Music Global, which specialises in live bands for both wedding music and event services. We spoke to her about her ongoing work with the brand.

How did you go about acquiring your current role with She Music Global?

I was able to acquire this internship through the help of my programme coordinator, Lee Erinmez. Keisher sent an email out to universities for the job and Lee got back to her and recommended me. I immediately contacted her and was able to secure a meeting for the role of Social Media Manager.

What makes a good social media manager?

Organization. It’s very important to be organized. My job is to look after the social media accounts of 3 different bands, with a different concept and branding for each of them. My responsibility is to make the She Music Global brand look professional. In order to achieve this, I have to create content and engage with relevant audiences to gain client traction. Social Media marketing is a fast-paced industry and requires a good strategy plan in order to be impactful. Being organized saves crucial time and help you stay on track with daily tasks and goals.

What made you choose to study Music Business at SAE London?

I was originally supposed to apply for a transfer to 3rd year from a Music Education Degree that I was doing abroad for two years. But whilst looking for a university, I came across SAE’s Music Business course and it sounded interesting. So, I looked into what the course offers and it made me consider it because it run for 2 years but I finish with a degree. It also promised to be an industry practice based course which was quite appealing as it meant that I would actually be getting hands on with industry work rather than just reading and learning about it.

How did you find taking on the role of Head of Marketing during the Live Event module?

Because Marketing and PR is the career field that I have decided to pursue, it was a great experience. It was a great opportunity to put in to practice what I have researched and learned from previous modules. It was challenging at times especially when working with a group of people with contrasting views, but this helped me realize what I need to prepare for when I do work professionally. It’s trial and error but the experience broadened my knowledge and improved my confidence.

Do you have any advice to future Music Business students that will help them stand out when they apply to placements and internships?

Keep building your portfolio. Grab any opportunity to network and collaborate and make sure to record and share your achievements on your socials!

If you had to sum up your experience so far at SAE in one sentence, what would you say?  

Studying at SAE has helped me gain valuable knowledge and experience for a career in PR & Marketing and I’m glad to I made the choice to study Music Business here.

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