Music Business

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Music Business Certificate


With a focus on entrepreneurship, this programme has been developed to encompass innovative business models for a digital age and provide you with the knowledge and skills in key aspects of the business of music, where the mantra 'change equals opportunity' holds true.

The Music Business Certificate is specifically designed for those who want to know more about the music industry. How does the industry work? How can you protect yourself and your creative work? What do you have to pay attention to when signing a contract? What will publisher actually do for you? What exactly are copyrights and how do you use it? And oh, how do you get paid? Thaught by professionals straight out of the industry, this short course will give you the answers to all these questions and more. 

Throughout the course you will complete a range of projects that will give you the opportunity to explore this dynamic and fast-paced sector, providing you with the industry knowledge and experience required by employers and those with an entrepreneurial mindset.


  • 4 MONTHS




  • 24 MAY

  • Music Rights
  • Music Publishing
  • Copyright
  • Publishing
  • Music Licensing
  • Collective Rights
  • Trademarks
  • Contracts
  • Distribution
  • Record Labels
  • Setting up your own Company
  • Business Plans
Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • A valid VISA for entire duration of the selected course is required prior to enrolment (for non-EU students)
  • Basic English skills 
Fees & Funding

As well as your talent and dedication, a career in creative media requires financial investment in your education. We understand this is not always easy, especially when you have limited income, which is why we have developed payment plans to spread the cost.

Payment Plans

  • Plan A: Upfront Payment - one full payment in advance
  • Plan B: Monthly instalments 

.* full Course Fees and Registration Agreement can be requested from the Study Advisors:

  • Record label owner
  • Band/artist manager
  • PR Director
  • Music Journalist
  • Booking Agent
  • Royalty Analyst
  • Digital Strategist
  • Social Content Editor
  • Stage Manager
  • Tour Promoter
  • Touring Manager
  • Event Manager
  • A&R Manager
  • Booking Agent
  • Business Development Manager

* discounts are offered to graduates of this program who wish to progress to our diploma and degree programs

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