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Game Art

Create characters and worlds that players want to lose themselves in.

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Game Design

Take the creative lead and design an immersive game experience.

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Game Animation

Bring life into playful characters and worlds.

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Love · study · create games Gaming is booming and there is a real demand in the industry for talented, technically able graduates who can turn their visions into reality. SAE Institute, the largest creative media educator in the world, offers a complete series of Games courses designed by an elite team of specialists in game production and education. With study options for Game Art, Game Design and Game Animation, SAE Institute is creating a powerful community of students, lecturers and professionals across cities like Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Milan and Athens with one mission, to #CreateGames.

The Rookies: Top 50 Creative Media & Entertainment Schools and Colleges in the World 2020.

The Rookies: Top 20 3D Animation Schools and Colleges in the World 2020.


Game Art Combine your artistic talents with your love for video games and turn that creative combination into a professional career. Traditional skills, such as sketching and life drawing, with character design work in 2D/3D, will allow you to develop your craft using industry-standard technology and production methods. You will create art for games played across multiple platforms and you'll build worlds that players want to lose themselves in. Our hands-on approach will see you experimenting with different design concepts to find your own personal flair and you will produce your own showreel to ensure that you are job-ready on graduation.

New Classes: September

Duration: 3 years


Game Design The Game Design course is for video game enthusiasts who want to define the concept, the rules, the game mechanics and the aesthetics of their own virtual world in order to produce fun and innovative games! You will learn to create goals, levels, rules and challenges for traditional games (board game, card game etc.) and video games, creating immersive experience and interactions for the game players and even the spectators. While studying you will collaborate with Game Artsits, Programmers and Animators, gaining complete experience as a Game Designer and your final project portfolio will allow you to start your professional career.

New Classes: September

Duration: 3 years


Game Animation The game industry is now asking for specialised game animators and that is why SAE is offering a highly specialised animation course for video games. You will learn to create animations that correspond to the gameplay and storytelling, bringing into life characters and enviroments. This three-year course consists of a year of foundations where you will learn the basics of video games and then two years of specialization. The level of skills you will acquire, in conjuction with your showreel and your work in student game production teams, will be fundamental in your first professional steps.

New Classes: To be announced

Duration: 3 years


Student Experience

Student Support

Closely supervised by our team of dedicated professionals and guidance to produce your own showreel.

Campus Life

Special activities and a fascinating student life in a vivid campus full of creative people

High-end facilities

High-end facilities and PC classes running the latest industry-standard software.

Group Projects

Collaboration with students from all departments (even from other countries) as a complete video game studio.



Choose your specialisation, be part of the team and enter the professional world of Games. A campus tour is the best way to discover our Game courses.
We are always more than happy to meet you, answer all your questions and show you the games world of SAE Institute.

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