Rust ‘n Dust

2021 SAE Student Project

Rust 'n Dust Is an open-world action-adventure game about a young city droid who winds up in a big scheme of the villains of an old western town.

Wrongly accused of demolition, CC-37 must confront these villains in order for him to clear his name. During his journey he can complete missions for the local friendly droids to obtain valuable items or information, making it possible for CC-37 to uncover secrets that have long been hidden underneath rust and dust.

The journey decisions are yours to make. Do you want to attempt to get a high rank by finding all the secrets or would you like to skip quests and try to set the fastest speed run record? The game offers players multiple ways and play styles to finish the story. Obtaining higher ranks will unlock more bonus content. The game can be played with a keyboard and mouse or a joystick.

If you like the music, you can listen to it again via the music player in the main menu, or check it out on Spotify : Rust ‘n Dust – album by Jelle Dittmar

SAE Student project 2021 

  • 3 months time
  • 7 game students
  • 2 alumni
  • 5 audio students
  • 1 programmer

– Game Department –

  • Lilla Balazs
  • Dennis Boersma
  • Femke Harberts
  • Robin Keiman
  • Žan Kunej
  • Mihai Lungu
  • David Mkrtchyan
  • Julia Schlotter
  • Remon Ploeg
  • Eri Carrillo

– Audio Department –

  • Agnar Davíð Halldórsson
  • Jelle Dittmar
  • William Hatfield
  • Eamonn Nolan
  • Hrafn Posocco

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