Masterclass: Anthony Rother

20 Jun 2017

"When it comes to creativity, working with control is totally ok but there comes a point when you need to have freedom. Control should not be the master, everything must move away so that the real master - the source - can come to you." - international DJ/producer/composer/LIVE act Anthony Rother talks about finding the 'inner voice' and takes us on a tour of his LIVE performance. 

Anthony Rother (Nextdata, Datapunk) is a true electronic music pioneer best known for his uncompromising sound and seamless 'one-man band' LIVE performances featuring an extensive equipment package. Over the years he has collaborated with artists such as Karl Barton Ex-Kraftwerk, Nena, Sven Vath, Tiefschwarz and many more. It was an honour and pleasure to have Anthony deliver a Masterclass at SAE Institute.

Music Courtesy by: Anthony Rother