Female Writing Camp: Sizzer & Music Matters at SAE

Amsterdam, 16/10/23

Last October, SAE was the proud host of the “She Writes Camp” together with Sizzer and Music Matters. A women+ writing camp for 16 creatives to unleash their creativity and connect through the most universal language of them all.

For two days, the participants had the chance to get hands-on in all our studios. From our Production focused Studio 4 to our fully analog Studio 2, each girl had the chance to connect with upcoming artists, A&Rs, and established music professionals.

The tracks produced during the writing camp have the chance to be featured in future commercials as they are now part of Sizzer’s catalog.


Photography by Saluma Bensalim

Special thanks to Sizzer, Music Matters, Patta, Ableton, Reason Studios and

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