Impressions Dancefair 2017

09 Mar 2017

What a great Dancefair weekend it was! I hope you enjoyed as much as we did and that you went back home with some fresh music production skills ready to put them to use!

Check out the impression video below:

Salute to all the great speakers: Jeffrey de Gans, Bindu De Knock, Ewout van der Linden, Joost Stuursma, Giacomo Piscitelli, Frank de Jong, Erwin Palper, Bruce Gibb and special guests Dave Clarke and Steve Rachmad.

More impressions below:

Big thanks to Martina Novak for the photos and Tim de Vries, Joshus Madre and Clarisse Tenreiro for the amazing videos! 

Props to the Dancefair organisation!

More videos of the masterclasses and interviews coming soon, stay tuned!

The SAE Team