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Electronic Music Advanced Certificate

Next Start Date: January 2021
REGISTRATIONS ARE OPEN. Limited spots available!

This course will take your production skills to the next level with in-depth sound design and advanced mixing and mastering techniques. Utilizing our hands-on learning approach you will grasp the advanced concepts of electronic music production and put them to work making the music you love. 

The content of the course is continuously adapted and improved by industry professionals to reflect the latest in technology and trends in the electronic music industry. Throughout the course, you will receive access to studios and workstations and there will be plenty of networking and professional development opportunities. With close links to the industry, you'll also benefit from guest lectures, seminars, workshops and have the opportunity to take part in masterclasses with industry experts.

Note: The advanced level course is suitable for experienced producers or graduates of the beginners level.

What You'll Learn

  • Production Process
  • Multiband Sidechaining
  • Parallel Processing
  • Advanced Signal Flow & Mixing
  • Building a LIVE Performance
  • Advanced Mastering
  • Music Business

How You'll Learn

Throughout the course, you are taught in a practical manner, primarily on Ableton but you will also cover other production platforms such as Logic Pro such that you can work in any DAW. With access to our music production labs and support from the tutors, you will be able to train on-site at your own pace.

You won't just learn the tech side of things. Everything you learn will be within the context of production so you'll learn the techniques, tips and tricks to make the music you love, regardless of whether you want to produce House, Techno, EDM or Hip Hop.

The course duration is 16 weeks and it's offered on a part-time basis - 2 lessons per week. In addition to theory, students are to complete a series of practical exercises and assignments as per the course curriculum. Students get unlimited access to industry-standard facilities and equipment to complete practical assignments. 

The school facilities are open 7 days per week: Mondays to Thursdays from 08:00h to 24:00h and Fridays to Sundays from 08:00h to 22:00h. A supervisor is available for advice and technical support at all times. and there is no time limit is set when it comes to how much hands-on time a student can book in our industry-standard studios and practical workstations for their training.

Your Instructors

Joost Stuursma
Joost Stuursma is responsible for the Electronic Music Certificate over at SAE in the Netherlands. For the past 5 years, he has done several ghost productions and established a production team with Belgium’s DJ Licious. Together they produced a series of house tracks including “I Can't Stop” and "Twisted Games" which is their most recent success. Joost brings his experience into the classrooms of SAE, helping students progress with music production. As ghost production is a much-discussed topic, he tries to relate his current situation to his student and how to approach the industry strictly from a producers point of view.
Jeffrey De Gans
Jeffrey was born in 1971 and was obsessed with music, sound, and technique from the day he was born. At the age of ten, he started messing with tape decks, mixers, and turntables while playing his sisters disco records. Later he had his own (illegal) radio-station, worked for a drive-in-show, worked for several radio-stations, produced and released over 70 vinyl-records and played worldwide (and still does every now and then) on a zillion parties as a DJ. One of his passions is making espresso; always fine-tuning the machines to make the perfect espresso. This is something that can be found back in his mastering skills; always looking for the best and even push it just a bit more. Da Goose Music was founded as a music production company in 1996. Jeffrey’s first real mastering-job dates back to the end of the nineties and in 2015 Jeffrey was nominated as one of the 4 best mastering-engineers from the Netherlands. Needless to say that he has a lot of experience, a great set of ears and serious knowledge of what he is doing. Jeffrey has also done the mastering on Lil' Kleine album that won the Worldwide Act Award at the MTV EMA 2017. 
Camiel Daamen
Camiel Daamen is known for his live and DJ-sets. Versatile, often heavy on the groove, including lots of percussive and jazzy elements along the way. His sound is hard to pigeonhole as he creates house grooves just as easy as techno bangers or dub soundscapes. Happy or sad, driving or relaxing it all permits to his versatile sound, like his personality. Energetic, emotional and always smiling. So far Camiel released music on Viva Music, Serkal Music, Inmotion, Act Natural, Arupa Music, Tzinah, Deep Tech, Cervidae Recordings, Soulman Music, Inhouse Records, Eklektisch, Morgen.AM, Natural Rhythm, Flash Recordings and yes even many more. He played infamous clubs like Studio 80, Paradigm, Air, Kater, Wilde Renate. His live sets have been traveling through various countries in Europe ranging from Germany to England, Poland, Macedonia, Turkey, Malta, and Ibiza. Besides his artist endeavors, he is one of the founding fathers of Dancefair. An event in Holland for aspiring producers and DJs that have 5000 people attending every year. He helped set up the event in the first year and still is involved by doing masterclasses there every year. He runs a music school in Groningen called Lessons In Live. Often you’ll find him sharing his ideas about making music in Holland and abroad. He’s an in-demand speaker for events and organizations like Dancefair, Amsterdam Dance Event, Sound Education and the SAE Institute Amsterdam. Talking about his 20 years of experience in music production, live performance, and workflow. More releases are coming in 2018 expressing his diverse sound, as music is art, and art is freedom. 
Giacomo Piscitelli
Giacomo Piscitelli is an Italian audio engineer, producer, and educator based in Amsterdam. After graduating at SAE Institute he worked at Red Bull studios where he had the chance to work for several artists in the Dutch and International dance scene (Nina Kraviz, Michel de Hey, Tom Trago, etc.). In 2015 he became the Electronic Music Certificate course lecturer at SAE Institute.
Quirijn Vos
Quirijn has worked as a professional trumpet player for over 10 years already. After finishing his degree at the conservatory of Rotterdam in 2012 he became more and more interested in the technical side of audio en decided to also study audio production at SAE. In the meantime, Quirijn’s professional career as a trumpet player started to take of playing with more and better-known artists like Blaudzun and Ellen ten Damme but also a lot with DJ’s like Gregor Salto, La Fuente and so on. At the moment Quirijn is the regular trumpet player for Sam Feldt, touring a lot around the world and playing at stages like the Ultra Miami mainstage.
Edoardo Marin
After graduating at SAE Amsterdam in 2013, Edoardo Marin worked at Red Bull Studios as Head Engineer for the next 2 years and a half, while also covering the role of Main Lecturer for the Audio Production Diploma at SAE. During that time, he had the chance to collaborate with various artists, as recording, mixing and mastering engineer: Wu-Tang Clan, Jameszoo, Pete Philly, Mr. Probz (recording an entire EP), Cassie Ventura, Henrik Schwarz are just some of them. A multi-instrumentalist who opened his mastering studio and now is working on his first solo album.


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  • Track Analysis / Critical Listening
  • Composing & Arranging
  • Loops & Samples
  • Sound Design
  • Mixing
  • Synthesis
  • Hardware Synthesis
  • Music Theory
  • Multiband Sidechaining
  • Vocal Processing
  • Parallel Processing
  • Advanced Signal Flow & Mixing
  • Building a LIVE Perfromance
  • Advanced Mastering (practical)
  • Copyright Law, Record Labels and Publishing
Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum age of 16 years
  • Basic English language skills
  • A valid VISA for entire duration of the selected course is required prior to enrolment (for non-EU students)

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Career Opportunities:

  • Music Producer
  • DJ
  • Remix Artist
  • LIVE Performance
  • Sound Designer