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Game Art & 3D Animation

Do you have a creative streak, a vivid imagination and do you love creating digital worlds? Then Game Art & 3D Animation is right for you!

A professional qualification in the field of Game Art & 3D Animation opens the door to a career in the areas of 3D modeling, 3D animation, concept art, level design or character creation, to name just a few.

Course content (excerpts from the curriculum)


design basics, digital-image editing, still life, thumbnailing & industrial design


camera & lighting, storyboarding, image composition, montage theory

Digital Sculpting & Texturing

concept preparation, high-level, real-time rendering

Animation & Rendering

shader, materials, rigging, lighting, storyboard

Project & Workflow

real-time visualization, real time


collaborative work processes in project work


financing, publication and marketing to target groups

Research & Development

research and analysis, project management and planning


Job profiles in the games industry

Design & 3D

Level Designer, Modeler, Animator, Character Designer


2D Artist, Concept Artist, Matte Painter, CGI Specialist


Producer, Project Manager, Studio Head, Creative Director

Learn and study

Course starts: March and September

Diploma: Professional training / Professional development

Bachelor: Full-time degree / Part-time degree

Master: Specialization / Professional qualification

Admission requirements

Application forms can be requested here: +41 44 200 12 12 or

In the first year of study, the student must reach the age of 18.

In case of an application without "Matura", an interview is mandatory.


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