Studying at SAE

Studying at SAE Institute Amsterdam 

SAE Institute Amsterdam and all its staff would like nothing more than to see you succeed in your course, as well as your career. However, this is very much dependent on your approach to your studies. Also, your study at SAE Amsterdam might be somewhat different than you have been used to when it comes to attending a school. Therefore, we would like to explain to you what studying at SAE Institute Amsterdam will be like and how you could approach your studies in order to get the most out of your course.

Working in the creative industries means you should have a responsible, mature and pro-active attitude that does not think in terms of 09:00 to 17:00 working days. This is also what we expect from our students at SAE Institute Amsterdam.

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Study Load

As you might already know, despite signing up for a full-time course, you will only have a handful of actual lessons per week. For the entire duration of the course, the number of directed learning and instructional hours per week will average out between 8 to 10 hours. However, this does not mean that you would only need to spend 8 to 10 hours per week on your education in order to successfully complete it.

As a student at SAE Amsterdam, we expect you to put, at least, 40 hours per week in your studies. The extra hours of supervised and self-directed learning should be used for your practical assignments (individual or group), reading up on and preparing lesson notes, doing homework, reading up on industry standards as well as gaining experience by helping other students (sometimes of different disciplines) with their studies and making sure your school administration is in order. To facilitate this, SAE Institute has extensive opening hours during weekdays but is also open on Saturdays and Sundays. Of course, depending on the season, there is also the opportunity to join in on extracurricular activities.

Lesson Times

Note: please be aware that these times concern the courses, certificates are typically taught in the evenings

Your lesson times might also vary throughout the year or even module. As stated above, you are following a full-time course, and you should thus be available as such as well. In general, lessons will take place from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 19:00. The day and time a lesson is scheduled depends on lecturer availability, facility/resources availability and in some cases also the time of day with regards to lesson subjects. SAE Institute will always try to announce the schedules at the start of every module. However, adjustments might be needed during a module due to (e.g.) illness of a lecturer, etc. 

On rare occasions, lessons/workshops might also be planned on a Saturday or Sunday. The reason for this happening could be that an international lecturer or industry expert is only available in the weekends, or the lesson features a location/event that is only open on a Saturday or Sunday. Weekend lessons are, however, a rare event at SAE Institute Amsterdam and are always announced far in advance.

Responsibility and Clear Communication

Responsibility and clear communication are also something that we expect from you. SAE is not responsible for your homework and/or assignments, nor is it responsible for your attendance. We expect you to know, and understand, what is being asked of you. In case you are not sure, we expect you to knock on our door and ask us. We have an open-door policy at SAE Institute Amsterdam and even when a door is closed, a simple knock will get you noticed.

If you are having difficulties that may affect your course, please also come and talk to us. We would love to help where we can. However, if we do not know about your difficulties, there is nothing we can do to help you or your fellow students.

Working During Studies
In light of the above, we often get the question if it is possible to work next to your studies. Our answer will always be “yes, as long as you remain flexible and can put your education first”. You, as a student, have chosen to sign up for a full-time education and thus we expect you to have the responsibility to live up to the demands such an education has on your time and to plan it carefully and realistically. 
Being on Time
Being on time for lessons is a very important discipline in all aspects of life. This is thus also the case at SAE Amsterdam. As we have extended opening hours, it is always possible to arrive at school at least an hour before lessons. Therefore we urge our students to take delays into account when travelling to SAE Amsterdam. As mentioned in the ‘Study Load” section, there is always more than enough to do with regards to your studies ;) Should you, however, happen to be late, please always inform SAE Amsterdam in time via email or phone, so that we can inform the lecturer of your late arrival. Students who are more than 15 minutes late, will be able to join their class after the break/pause within the lesson.  
Missed Lessons

We sometimes get the question of whether it might be okay to miss lessons. Our answer to this is always “NO”. Although our lessons are stretched over the 24 months duration of the course, they are all tied together and aim towards the skills, qualities and knowledge you should have to complete your final assignments at the end of your course, as well as being ready to successfully step into the industry. Missing lessons would thus limit your ability to obtain the knowledge first hand and engage in the conversation within the lessons. 

However, SAE Institute Amsterdam understands that life can sometimes intervene, meaning lessons are missed from time to time. In such a case, please be aware that you are responsible to obtain the materials, lesson notes and/or other items that were shared in the lesson you have missed. Missing too many lessons could, however, have an impact on your course in the sense that you would have to complete extracurricular activities, or even re-sit a complete module, in order to successfully obtain your title.