Our Values



Our conviction, determination and resilience is something that defines us. It has helped us to become global educators.

Everyday we use our knowledge, expertise and passion to inspire the next generation of professionals.

Our faith in our students’ ability to transform the creative industries they join is absolute.


/ Respect

We want our colleagues to love their workplace, to feel celebrated and know that they are valued.

We believe that when you bring different people together, treat them with civility and provide an inclusive environment, you produce the best results.

When we treat our students with respect, they grow into global citizens, enhancing our reputation and contributing to our continued success.

/ Drive

In today's highly competitive and fast-paced world, it is our resilience and stamina that drives us to succeed.

We celebrate milestones, we empower colleagues and we work hard to ensure our vision comes to life.

Our driven graduates demonstrate motivation, self-sufficiency and skill to deliver and manage projects and to advance their creative careers.



/ Genuine

In today’s globally connected communities, reputation, credibility and trust are essential.

Open and honest conversations may be difficult at times, but our sustainability and success can only be achieved through authentic and genuine behaviours.

Nothing is more powerful than when our staff, students and alumni are our genuine advocates and champions.


/ Rigour

To be rigorous is to harness a highly-effective mindset and culture. It is a powerful tool to keep us on track during times of struggle or change.

Demonstrating rigour means we never rest on our laurels. It helps us to continually improve our workplace, our service and our brand.

At SAE, rigour is the fundamental foundation that enables our students to unleash their own creativity, productivity, leadership and passion.


/ Adventurous

A big part of adventure is the novelty of the experience. You have to traverse new territories to see the spectacular.

We encourage our colleagues to be adventurous in spirit and mind.

It is only by questioning everything and exploring new routes that we keep moving forward.

We support our students to be daring in their thinking, to engage their imagination and to apply their intellect to transcend conventional ideas.