New Instructor: Peer Lemmers

30 Aug 2018

New Instructor: Peer Lemmers

We are honored to announce that Senior Animator Peer Lemmers will reinforce the Animation & Games department at SAE Institute Amsterdam. Peer Lemmers will teach the Game Art & Animation course as of September 2018.

With a 10+ years track-record in film, VFX, TV, and video games, Peer worked as an animator on blockbusters such as "Sherlock Gnomes", "Jurassic World", "TMNT", "Kung-Fu Panda 2", "Horizon Zero Dawn", and many others. With his expertise in animation and character modeling as well as the experience acquired over the years straight from the film and games industries, students will have a unique opportunity to receive first-hand advice and feedback from a widely respected animator.


Peer Lemmers Showreel


Peer Lemmers Bio

Peer was born in Kristiansand, Norway, although both of his parents are of Dutch origins. At the age of seven, he set out with his family on a 35-foot sailing boat where he spent the next two years traveling through the Caribbean, Middle, and South America.  It was during these long sea crossings that he started drawing and making up his little worlds to entertain his younger brother.

After returning to Holland, he attended the high school where he spent most of his time drawing on textbooks and creating caricatures from teaching staff and the vice principal. It was then that he realized that he wants to become a cartoonist or animator; however, it was not until his mid-20s that he got the opportunity to attend the first and only cartoon school in Amsterdam.

In 2006, he moved to the Bahamas and joined the Animator Mentor program as a student to broaden his animation skills. Soon afterward, he gets a chance to work on some of his first projects for world renowned studios such as Rare, ReelFX, Tippett Studio, Dreamworks, Sony Imageworks, Image Engine, Double Negative, Guerrilla Games, etc. 

Peer currently resides in Amsterdam where he has various freelance projects, and since recently he started teaching animation at SAE Institute Amsterdam.

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