About Us

SAE Institute 

We believe pioneering minds create the future. We understand all ideas need a place to grow and be nurtured. At SAE, our reputation as a global specialist in creative media education comes from over 40 years’ developing student creativity, delivering innovative practical skills, and coaching real world business and industry awareness.

As a dynamic global institute with high industry credibility, we provide specialist vocational and higher education courses worldwide to inspire and develop our graduates.

Responsive to the real world and embracing the digital revolution, we pride ourselves in thinking outside the square, being technically explorative, transformative, and brave. 

Contemporary and inspiring, SAE courses are definitively high-tech and have their finger on the pulse of creative industries around the world. We offer courses in more than 20 countries with around 50 campuses, enabling collaboration with a world view.

With a practical focus, our courses are constantly evolving to meet the needs of students and industry demands. They are delivered on-campus and online using cutting-edge technology and offer a highly personalised, interactive, and collaborative learning environment.

As an SAE student, you will have access to our industry-leading campuses, utilise the latest equipment and software, and benefit from our extensive industry network.

We’re passionate about our students’ potential and encourage them to chase their dreams. We promise that your SAE experience – wherever you are enrolled in the world – will offer a progressive learning experience to meet your creative and professional aspirations, help you stand out from the crowd, and give you a ticket to the global stage.

Welcome to our creative world!

SAE Global Map

For a Personal Campus Tour call 020 435 0655 or send email to admissions@sae.edu

SAE Alumni Association

The SAE Alumni Association is the network for SAE Institute’s graduates and students aiming to provide them with an alumni experience after with their world-class education and offering a varied progam of resources, events and communications to offer an active job placement program, keep them in touch with each other and involved with SAE Institute.

Strategic Vision

Our vision
To be the world's leading educator for the creative media industries

Our mission
We provide specialist vocational and higher education courses worldwide to inspire and develop our graduates
Our courses emphasise practical experience, the needs of students and industry credibility
Our students access the latest knowledge and outstanding facilities to enhance their skills
We are globally networked as a professional community in creative media
Excellence in academic and student services

Our values
We have conviction to our purpose and potential
We demonstrate drive by achieving and advancing together
We are adventurous in mind and spirit
We demonstrate rigour in enhancing our professional reputation and credibility
We are genuine in the way we behave and deliver
We show respect by celebrating, valuing and caring for people and the environment


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