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The Programming Departments

Your path to programming applications or games
It is fascinating to express complex issues, complicated relationships and big ideas in 0s and 1s. Once you’ve been infected with the programming virus, there is no escape. The possibilities are endless, and the pitfalls are deep. We will teach you the necessary knowledge, know-how, techniques and how to think conceptually; all you have to do is share your ideas and your passion for code, digital worlds and bits and bytes. Together, we will create great things. You can shape the world!

Our Programming Departments

Our programming departments include Software Engineering, Games Programming and Web Design & Development. The high level of practical relevance is also particularly popular here. You are also assured of contact persons and expertise in related subjects through our broad portfolio of specialist areas. In the course of your SAE life, there will always be opportunities for joint interdisciplinary team projects. The SAE community is looking forward to your next exciting project.
Robot Software Engineering within the Programming Departments
Software Engineering
Do you love apps that make life easier? Do you have a sizable app collection and do you want to design them yourself, or do you want to know what websites will look like in 2030? Click here for the Software Engineering Department.
to the department of Software Engineering
Student from programming department is on-campus with VR goggles and Vive controllers in virtual world
Games Programming
Do you love games and do you want to develop them yourself? Have you heard of game engines but wonder what they are? Create new games in our Games Programming Department.
to the department of Games Programming
Students from programming departments discuss marketing planning for website launch
Webdesign & Development
Do you love creating new websites and apps, from the initial concept to design and coding? Say hello to the Web Design & Development Department.
to the department of Webdesign & Development
Web Design Lecture of the Programming Departments

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