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Event Engineering Diploma

Do you love concerts and events and do you want to become part of the crew? Or do you already have a professional qualification in the area of event technology and do you want to deepen your knowledge? Our new degree program equips you with all necessary skills to become an event engineer and work at big live events.
Event Engineering student installs stage equipment for live event

Event Engineering Department

A variety of new technologies have enhanced the event industry and created new forms of expression and special experiences for the audience. Immersive audio, effects and tracking are just a few of the technologies that have evolved in recent years. Concerts and festivals depend just as much on well-crafted sound and sophisticated lighting and stage designs as industry events, party conventions, e-sports and streaming events. It is essential to master the technologies in order to deliver the best possible results to artists or your customers. The Event Engineering program provides you with a solid professional qualification that will give you a good start in the event industry.

Job profiles in the event industry

Professionals, who can organize events independently and dependably, are high in demand. The guiding principle of our professional training is “learning by doing”, which is the fundamental cornerstone of good event engineering. If you want to shine at live events, you have to master and study the individual components of the field first.
Ramp and other stage elements from the Event Engineering department in the backstage area
Management Technical Project Manager, Recording Manager, Event Manager
Ton FOH Engineer, Monitor Engineer, Live Sound Engineer
Lighting Stage Designer, Lighting Designer, Video Technician

Content from the Event Engineering Curriculum

Stage Design & Technology

rigging, special effects, kinetics, stage management

Sound & Acoustics

FOH, live-sound mixing, PA, line array, concert


LED, moving head, light controller, lighting, DMX

Presentation Technology

video mixer, streaming, camera, screen, LED wall

Projekt & Workflow

team lead, planning, organization

On Tour

backstage, tour life, access all areas

Professional Qualification – Diploma

The SAE Diploma opens the door for a career in the creative industries in just 18 months. With a high practical component, you will acquire sound knowledge of the subject, and practical exercises will help you to develop technical skills at an early stage. The SAE Diploma offers professional technical training that equips students with strong, industry-relevant skills. Moreover, it facilitates flexible time management and a high degree of autonomy.

The newly launched Advanced Diploma is an ideal option for those who want to focus on the creation of a comprehensive and substantial portfolio. During the Advanced Diploma, you will complete an interdisciplinary or multi-semester project as part of a team, and you will learn about different aspects and issues associated with such projects. This will enable you to develop a deeper understanding of work processes and interconnecting fields while expanding the technical skills you acquired during the diploma.

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