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The Film Departments

Your path to animation, film production and visual effects
Would you like to produce your first short film, stand in front of the green screen and let all hell break loose on the screen? Would you like to animate your own characters, create worlds and make the impossible possible? Do you want to create the movies & series of tomorrow with a camera or a drawing tablet? Then check out our Film and VFX & Animation worlds.

Our Film Departments

Our film departments include Film Production, Visual FX and Game Art & 3D Animation. The charm of cinema always draws crowds to the auditorium. In addition, a home theatre and streaming culture has virtually sprung up in the last decade in particular. The video game market is also growing and growing.

With one of our film departments, you're not only well trained for cinematic works or games, but also for television. You'll be well connected around campus if you need audio, marketing or web design for your project, for example. This is made possible by our broad portfolio of subject areas. This means that there will always be opportunities for interdisciplinary projects during your time at SAE. And afterwards, of course. Networking and Community!
Shooting on film set for commercial in Film Production department
Film Production
Are you passionate about setting the scene, screenwriting, filming and the right lighting? Then our Film Production Department is the right place for you!
to the Film Production Department
Game Art & 3D Animation Student draws 3D space graphic on Smartboard in meeting room
Visual FX & 3D Animation
Are you passionate about bringing characters to life, working with the green screen and virtual effects? Then check out our VFX & 3D Animation Department!
to the Visual FX & 3D Animation Department
Student draws creatures on graphics tablet in edit area
Game Art & 3D Animation
Animation with a focus on games. Designing characters and levels is just the beginning. There are no limits to your imagination. Press Play for Game Art & 3D Animation!
to the Game Art & 3D Animation Department
Student of the film departments films interview scene in film studio

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