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The Games Departments

Your path to game art and games programming
Are you fascinated by the world of computer games, and do you want to turn your passion into your profession? Decide on your class: you can choose between game art and games programming.

Members of the “game-art species” are good at drawing, love environments and creatures and enjoy creating new worlds. Members of the “programming species” love to breathe life into worlds by using logic. Whether you pick the keyboard or the drawing tablet, both classes cover aspects of game design.

Which path will you choose?

Our Games Departments

Our games departments include Games Programming and Game Art & 3D Animation. Although both departments deal with video games, they could not be more different. While Games Programming lessons focus on coding and functionality, Game Art & 3D Animation focuses on visual representation, the visual art.

Of course, the collaboration of both disciplines makes sense, and the integration of other departments also happens often, because expertise from all kinds of media industries gathers right on campus. Thus, new opportunities for joint, interdisciplinary projects arise again and again. Community 100 per cent!
Games student draws creature on graphics tablet
Game Art & 3D Animation
Do you love to work on graphics, be it with a pen or a drawing tablet? Then sharpen your pencil and join the Game Art & 3D Animation Department.
to the Game Art & 3D Animation Department
Games Programming student programs Vive Controller of the Games Departments
Games Programming
Do you want to know how to program a game without bugs? Come and find out in our Games Programming Department.
to the Games Programming Department
Programming and games student is on-campus with VR goggles and Vive controllers in virtual world

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