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The Music Departments

Your path to audio engineering, music promotion and event engineering
Do you want to get started with your own music, understand the underlying basics and plan your own events? Do you have questions about GEMA or copyright issues, and do you want to market yourself or help others become successful? Or maybe it’s your love of technology, the feeling of faders and pots in your hand, or hours of tinkering on new sounds that drives you? Audio engineering, music promotion or event engineering? You decide whether an audience of 20,000 people or an intimate recording session is your thing. You will find what you are looking for ...

Our Music Departments

Our music departments include Audio Engineering, Music Business and Event Engineering. The first choice for music and event enthusiasts who want to be well connected and get a kick start in the industry. Our broad portfolio of disciplines ensures that you have a contact person and expertise in the neighbouring disciplines.

In addition, opportunities for joint disciplinary, i.e. interdisciplinary team projects will arise again and again in the further course of your SAE life. We think and live community - something that is noticeable from day 1.
Professional monitoring room 'mixing cinema' for audio engineering students
Audio Engineering
Do you love microphones, mixers, synthesizers, sound design, game sound and film sound? Then our Audio Engineering Department is the right place for you.
to the Audio Engineering Department
Music Business at the Artist and Label Meeting at the mixing desk in the music department's recording studio
Music Business
Do you want to know how events are planned, how music law works, and how to market yourself or other artists? Then our Music Business Department is the place to be!
to the Music Business Department
Event Engineering student installs stage technology of music departments for live event
Event Engineering
Do you feel at home in large event halls? Do you want to understand how lighting, sound, video, rigging works, and how to become a part of the event industry? Then join us in the Event Engineering Department!
to the Event Engineering Department
Audio student at mixing desk in recording studio control room of the music department

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