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SAE Institute Koln
About the Campus

In the last few years, a new culture and business quarter has been established in the Cologne media metropolis. In Schanzenstrasse and Carlswerkstrasse, which is also where the SAE Institute is located, VIVA, Brainpool and co. have established a media and industry quarter encompassing a unique mix of different sectors of the creative industry. The neighbourhood around Keupstrasse with its colourful infrastructure and the E-Werk and Palladium event spaces provide new inspiration every day.


  • Five recording studios, two film studios and numerous workstations are available in a 2 000m2 space
  • Strong network in the media industry and numerous cooperation agreements with (among others) Endemol Deutschland GmbH, KaiserGames GmbH, MMC – MagicMediaCompany (DSDS, Supertalent, etc.), UFA Serial Drama (Alles Was Zählt, Verbotene Liebe, Unter Uns), iConsultants GmbH
  • Additional guest lectures and seminars with renowned industry leaders

About the Area

In the immediate vicinity of the Koelnmesse, the new RTL Rheinhallen, the Rheinau port, airport and the city centre, the "Schanzenstraße boom quarter" is an attractive location for any type of company. This is where TV shows including those from Stefan Raab, RTL Exclusiv or hundkatzemaus are produced. Thus, Cologne is the perfect environment for an up close connection between the students and the creative industries.

The Rhine metropolis scores high when it comes to quality of life and in addition to the proverbial "Rhenish cheerful nature" of the local populace you will find wondeful local delicacies such as Hämsche.

  • Highest rate of those employed in audio-visual media in Germany; more than 55 000 people are employed or work freelance in the Cologne media industry.
  • Venue for major trade shows and events like Gamescom, Photokina, Tonmeistertagung
  • High quality of life through the urban-rural neighborhood with excellent transport links by train

Cologne’s public transport system covers the whole city, the surrounding area, and further afield.

A search of will provide you with further details and information regarding ticket options and travel plans.


190 (Opernbus) Haltestelle Carlswerkstr., 159 Haltestelle Montanusstr. 


S6, S11 Haltestelle Köln-Mülheim (8 Min Fußweg zum Campus)

Linien 4, 13, 17, 18, 19 Haltestelle Wiener Platz (15 Min Fußweg zum Campus)
Linien 13, 17 ,18, 19 Haltesellte Köln-Mülheim (8 Min Fußweg zum Campus) 


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